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So I'm just minding my own busy and doing a immortal sentry I've seen some lings made zels and counter alright, as this is playing out I take out his 3rd, he runs his drone to make another hatch, so I head for his second. Again i see lings pop and run straight for his main so i snipe the natural hatch, and im heading up into his main and bam 6 ultras pop out and his lings come running down the ramp... I try and ff the lings back and a ultra just broke through that, as the lings surround my immortals.

WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPEN must have been a fluke.

So i go play another game thinking yeah that was really just weird and maybe i didn't crush him fast enough no big deal.

So In this next game all im seeing is lings again, I'm like ok he's teching into muts or something for sure so I go to do the immotal sentry all in cause it's starstation and taken a third is just stupid. So I go for the push take out two of his hatchs again, AND BAM! Ultras pop.


Doing this push the immotals having 2 to 3 just doesn't seem enough, add in the lings taken out the buffer units for them and as you push his bases and he's buying time for ultras. What is going on is this like a new build is ground toss so weak now that you can just make mass lings and go straight ultra. Should I just go straight carrier if all i see is lings. Cause it's hard for me to figure out what just happened to me... Lings !@# #%!%%#!% the immotarls, ultras $%^ #%!%%#!% everything else and sentry look around like wtf do you want me to do see how big that thing is... Is this a new build mass lings delay, wear down the forces until the ultras pop...
If there's ultras out by the time you hit with Immortal Sentry, you're probably doing it too slow. What time are you hitting their third?
It's actually a pretty popular style among zerg atm, speedlings into double evo chamber into fast ultralisks. That said, you're probably hitting your immortal/sentry all in too late if you're getting ran over by ultras. You should aim to hit at around 10:30~11:00 with that all in.
Your Immortal/Sentry seems a bit late.

You might want to get some more Zealots. Colossi are good, too, if your Zealot/Stalker buffer doesn't die too quickly. You'll probably need to use a lot of micro even with that, though.

However, you're not gonna beat Muta/Ling very well with Immortal/Sentry (or any Robo, for that matter) either if they micro the Mutas right, and the switch to/from Mutas can be done.

Stargate can be good. It's safe against Mutas with access to Phoenixes, and Voids can kill Ultras pretty well. However, you'll need to be able to defend against Zerglings at the same time, which means you'll need to use Cannons, Zealots, and maybe Oracles. You might still take damage if it's the Zerg attacking you instead of the other way around because of your Cannon and Zealot wall being broken down and Zerglings running into your mineral lines.

Charge and Blink are both very good against Ultras. Which leads to probably my favorite tech, Twilight and Templar. Chargelot/Archon is actually pretty good vs Ling/Ultra, and can also beat Mutas (IF you keep the Zerg on the defensive -- otherwise you pretty much NEED Phoenixes).
You should be moving out at 9:00-9:30 and be warping in at his 3rd or nat shortly after. No way will he have ultras if he isn't making a bunch of ling/roach/hydra etc to stop your allin.
The fastest you can get ultralisks in PvZ is about 14 minutes, and that's if you delay a third base until 7+ minutes. Your attack must be very, very late like these other gentlemen have said.
I suppose it's possible to take a full 2-3 minutes killing spines/hatches/drones before getting to the main... you'd have another 2-3 immortals at home during this however, and that should let you hold your 2 bases and push for the win...

add warp prism, check tech with a halu before you push, and snipe anything that threatening after killing the third?
1. Your attack is probably too late.
2. Learn how to scout?
Kill the natural 1st and get more zealots. Also block off the ram from his main down to natural so he can't reinforce
It is late(I don't really do it myself but have watched), you could make a hallucinated phoenix before moving into his natural before committing and if you see ultras go home(mass recall will work). Then just use your wall and micro to defend; Zerg will then be pretty dead.
Massive destroy FF's

Ultra = massive

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