How to get APM up?

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I've been trying to get my APM up, which is usually 40-50ish. I want to get 100-200 apm. Any advice
Find more things to do.
Does having a high APM actually matter?
Roll your face across the keyboard?

There is no secret to getting more apm, just play more and get better, use hotkeys, ect. I really don't understand what kind of answer you could possibly expect.
some players feel better because they have 250+apm AT THE START , and thats nothing, because all what they do is just select 2 or 3 groups always and doing NOTHING.

Care about your econ, supply, and army, scout and stuff like that, if you dont get supply block, and low mins/gas with good econ, theres nothing to care about APM
learn to cycle your keys/macro while your in the middle of an engagement or not looking at your bases. This is best practiced by pure repetition and a little discipline. You can always do a custom game to yourself to work on this, nothing wrong with doing that. Best case would to have a willing partner go game after game with you till you can subconsciously do this.
Imo, the root to getting a higher apm usually comes from having a good economy, which comes from constantly droning/making probes/workers and expanding early because if your economy is strong you'll be forced to make more production buildings and more units as a result thus improving your apm.
Find more things to do.
I've been trying to get my APM up, which is usually 40-50ish. I want to get 100-200 apm. Any advice

Use hotkeys and control groups will get you to at least 80-90apm
Practice will get you to 120-150apm
Dedicate A LOT of time practicing can get you to 200apm
same way you run faster, same way you bicycle faster.

focus on staying on edge. don't let yourself relax to a comfortable pace, push just a little bit faster than is comfortable. it should be exhausting.

your "comfort" speed will creep upwards.

a sticky note reminding you to play faster could help remind you to turn it up a little bit if you unconsciously relax.
Find more things to do.

+Think ahead.
there are custom maps that are designed to help train your multitasking and apm. just gotta find them on the arcade
legalize !@#$
control groups cycle through said control groups and scouting/ moveing army
Does having a high APM actually matter?

Are you winning?


So does it matter?

as you improve your apm will go up, not the other way around.
hmm im not sure if protoss really needs more than 50 apm to be honest
The simple answer is to do more.

Make sure you have hot keys for your production buildings, nexus, forges and separate units. This gives you more control over building more production structures, building units/workers more consistently, staying on top of upgrades, micro managing your units correctly such as:

- having tanky units going in first followed by ranged guys
- being able to easily split specific units or pre-concave your army when you know a fight is coming
- cast spells from multiple caster types relatively quickly (force fields then storm for instance)

In short, having better macro will make your APM go up as a by product. It's not something you should arbitrarily attempt to attain. Spamming hot keys that cycle between workers or a couple buildings without actually doing anything with them is useless. If your APM is 100+ and you're always sitting on 1000+ minerals and gas, you're doing it wrong.

You'll be building everything faster and more consistently, that's APM. As an added bonus, hot keys let you bounce around the map a little easier. Pressing 1-1 to go back to my nexus, build a few things or upgrade and then Q-Q to get back to my main army is much faster than clicking the mini map or scrolling.
high apm doesnt really matter work on getting better at the game.

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