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So its like 7:34 pm, just randomly browsing the toss unit guide and i looked at DT and i thought, ''Hey, how about giving DTs the ability to totally mind !@#$ visible detector units, i call it psi disruption, its like a corsairs disruption web, it disables detection for 15 seconds (doesn't work on structures or observers hence they are invisible). I thought it would be cool because it may bring out more DT tactics. It would be interesting to see DTs heading to a terran or zerg army to kill %^-* more often. But there are usually detectors but DTs could use psi blast to just disable it so they can kill valuable ground forces for 15 seconds and then get out.
DTs are too powerful. If you were going to give them that you would need to nerf their damage.

I love DTs to death, so much that one of the number one reasons that I'm looking forward to LotV is for a DT portrait that I don't need to play random for, but any sort of detector disrupting abilities would absurdly threaten Terrans and Zerg (but mostly Zerg). Personally, I think half of the fun of DTs is thinking up ways to use them creatively around detection, especially against Terran that rely on scans.
This couldn't happen to be a joke thread based on the Siege Tank thread with a similar name, would it?
what would actually be cool is if they gave phoenix disruption web instead of lift, or just put corsairs with dw back in the game. So much fun doing DT corsair to zergs
I miss quite a few of the Protoss' kit that was lost since BW. Like Arbiters with stasis field. Vortex was a decent substitute but once archon toilets were nerfed its only use against pros was for running away. They don't really need disruption web now that there are tempests, but it was still fun to mess with. I also loved their overly exuberant AI.
What the... what? No.

That would mean you would literally have next-to-unlimited map control. It's hard enough for some WITH detection, if you keep your DTs spread out.

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