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Hi everyone. I typically only post here asking for help if I really really need it. I really really need it. Some people talk about having a 30% winrate and saying it needs to be higher. For the past two weeks, my winrate has been 0%. Not an exaggeration, I looked through my match history. I literally haven't won a PvT match in over two weeks, and that's with me playing every day. I'm getting extremely discouraged. I could post some replays if you guys want, but they are all the same, basically. I just keep getting dropped on like freaking hiroshima, and it's about as pleasant too. The worst part is, I know exactly what you need to do to beat a drop, but it never really matters. I typically am able to scout the drops well in advance and have my army in position, but it still doesn't matter. Turbovacs just fly right over top of my army, and are so fast that they don't die. Then I get two widow mines in my mineral line and lose either a bunch of workers, a bunch of mining time, or usually both. I just played a game where I scouted the drop coming about 10 seconds before it hit. That was plenty of time for me to get my army in the right spot, and it still absolutely decimated my economy. What I really need is a good build order (not all in please), that can actually work against the terran now. I prefer ones that can work off of a 1-gate FE, since that's my preffered build. I would also like any advice you have for defending against the new HoTS terror-drops. Thanks everyone so much.

Help me obi-wan kenobi, you're my only hope.
Could always 1 or 2base all-in like every other protoss

Other than that, in the late game you can use a few cannons and 1 templar to EMP medivacs to handle drops. If he gets more than a few units in your base you do a chargelot warpin and he'll either pickup or die.

From there you just preserve your units and 3base into a 4th once you're comfortable. Drops shouldn't really be killing anything more than a few pylons or something. Sounds like you're misplaying somewhere.

As for a build order, if you start your support bay at 7:30 you'll have a colossus out comfortably by 9:30.

Any aggression before that can be handled by nexus cannon and/or 6 stalkers

6 stalkers 2-shot a medivac and can outrange WMs to kill the ones in your mineral line without losing too much mining time. Keep in mind that a really early WM drop means that the terran probably expanded late ... so the lost mining time isn't a big deal, so long as you don't lose probes.

Depending on what the terran does, you can take your third after he starts his (~10 mins), or if he tries a 5rax push, just wait for 1/1 and 2-3 colossus before expanding
Typically I would advise someone who is having trouble with drops to have more observers around their base but if you can't defend with 10 seconds warning you might have a bit of 1a syndrome going on. On 2 bases (like silver said) I will usually get 6 stalkers on a separate hotkey to defend the main from drops and the zealot/sentry/colossus army defending the front. You can begin adding ~2 cannons per base once your production is set up on 3 bases.

PvT is my best matchup right now probably because it is the most like WoL. I like to play double forge 1 colossus without range into templar. The single colossus is more than sufficient to destroy the initial double medivac timing and terran will usually overproduce vikings and die to chargelots in the followup push. If they wait too long and storm is ready they usually just lose the game there.

Generally: 1 gate expo into robo 2 gate, into fast 4 gas, robo bay, double forge, and a 4th gateway. Add twilight and 2 more gates on the third chrono of upgrades (chrono on probes until forges finish, all chrono in forges until max upgrades). Start charge and 2/2 first and then add templar archives, you should be taking your 3rd base around this time.
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I just keep getting dropped on like freaking hiroshima, and it's about as pleasant too.

yep. I have the same problem. my micro is quite bad and the drops just kill everything. my problem is i either get lots of stalkers for drops and they just kill me since stalkers suck, or i don't and the drops kill all my economy
I have a problem with Terran too. In the late game, the Terran simply switches to pure Medivac and Marines. Like, 8 Medivacs full of marines.

Aside from High Templars, I do not know any army composition that can win.

When I push with a standard ground army of Colossi, Stalkers and Zealots, the Terran will just drop me everywhere and wipe my infrastructure with high DPS cheap marines. I can't base trade because Marines have far higher DPS.

If I turtle, they take the entire map and continue dropping at all my expansions.

Other than going High Templars, anyone have any idea how to deal with this? This happens in 2v2 as well.

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