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Hi. I am seeing a lot of heated debates ensuing in the forum, and I just wanted to ask a strategy question which hopefully would inspire less ferocity.

I am a total noob at this game, and I play in Silver league at SEA.

I see that Massed Marauder is a popular trend in PvT, and I understand that Zealots are probably the best solution in the early-mid game.

I often end up losing a lot of units because kiting stimed (or not) Marauders just fry my Zealots (regardless of charge). Some people even get smarter by leaving behind a single Marauder or Marine to 'trick' the Zealots to surround that single Marauder.

Is Zealot really the only option against a Marauder-Marine death ball?

I try to transition to Robotics by getting Immortals and building Bay to get Colossi ready. By the time I get my first Colossus though, I get overrun because of the one-sided trades I get between gateway units and bio units.

Whenever I start a PvT, I pretty much assume my opponent would go Bio and start my build until I scout for further developments. Even with that, I lose practically all the matches, unless the Terran player does something different like Thors with infantry support; in which case, I would counter with HT, Zealot, and air.

Do you have any suggestions on dealing with the Kiting Marauders? I can pull my Zealots for the Stim to wear off, but they usually wait out until they get medevacs and I'm pretty much screwed.
Are you talking about WOL or HOTS? And when your talking about maruader-marine kitting, are you having problem in the early game with rushes before medivacs or are you talking about later on?
Flanking or leading with high templar to storm them can make sure you do some damage in return.
You can also keep the colossus at the front of your army to get off the first shot or two and pull them back while the zealots charge forward.

Chargelots also have 1 guaranteed hit so that can help too if the marauders are low on health.

You can also feedback the medivacs so the marauders can't heal.

Oh and don't forget the all important sentry. Forcefield wall to stop the marauder's from kiting or to divide them up and then let your army slaughter the trapped stuff.
If you can throw some FFs behind them so they get stuck against the chargelots, that'll help.
You seem to be having trouble in the very early game, in which case the fellow who suggested Force Fields has got the right idea.

Zealots alone won't counter marauders because they can be kited all day, you need force fields to trap the marauders and boost zealot armor. Having 3-4 less zealots in your army is totally worth having enough sentries to stop stim kiting.

You won't be able to rely on pure zealot/sentry for the entire game, but it's what will help you survive between the time stim is finished and your Colossi/Templar hitting the field. Even then, it's always good to have enough sentries to lay a decent force field wall.
The units you need against marauders really differs depending on the stage of the game.
I'm going to assume you are doing some variation of 1 gate FE (maybe with 1 tech structure first) because anything else silly right now.

If it is a 1-2 rax concussive shell timing (which should hit before your second nexus is finished), you actually don't want sentries. You won't have enough army to make forcefields worthwhile, and sentries are useless on their own - so you need to have stalker/zealot and attack with like 5 probes. Its ok! you have a major econ lead.

In the midgame (which is more likely what you are talking about) you should be defending your natural and working on getting out your tech so you can take your 3rd. In this case you absolutely MUST have sentry/zealot to survive. Marauders may be able to beat zealots with mobility, but if they are pinned between a zeal and a FF they get completely shredded. Marauders should not be kitable in this situation because you should not be chasing them past your ramp.

I think the easiest (easiest, but not always best) way to play protoss is to be defensive all the way until you have max upgrades, colossus, and storm ready. As long as you are defensive it is easy to forcefield. When you have all of your tech, no terran in your league is ever going to beat you.
Thank you all for your kind replies.
I'll try all your ideas and see which one works best.

It does appear that Sentries can be game changers.

I did neglect sentries considerably since HoS :P

I usually don't expand until my second Gate/Robo, but maybe greedy Toss is better than losing Toss XD.

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