The Reawakened War (Pt 4)

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After the team had rested sufficiently, they were called forth by Cicle on an important mission: To head to a hostile base, and take out Anti-Air guns at the base so they could open a hole for ships to come down to retrieve a Cryo-pod. The Pod was not just any pod, however. The pod belonged to a Grand Master, a leader of the Gehha faction.

Who was in the pod wasn't exactly known, but they couldn't pass up the opportunity to recover one of their leaders. With the pod recovered, the team returned to their ship, and Cicle, along with another Gehha, bring the pod to the Defrost Chamber, to thaw out their leader.
"Lotus are you actually asleep?" I ask quietly, resisting slightly not sure if I wanted to let her continue or not.
IC: Lotus was still snoring ever so slightly showing she was asleep. She kept pulling Magneton towards her.
I sigh inwardly. Yeah she is out but damn she is getting amorous. I think to myself as I relent and let her do as she wants.
IC: Lotus moves one of Magnetons hand down her leg before moving it slowly up to her waist under her gown. She was blushing even more.
I go crimson as I feel Lotus move my hand up under her gown. "You better be absolutely sure, and preferably conscious, if you want that otherwise I'm going to have to refuse." I say in her ear.
IC: Lotus let out a soft moan as she kept moving his hand up. She was completly asleep and Magneton would be able to tell she was out cold still.
I sigh and shake Lotus with my free hand as I try to pull the one under her gown away. I was probably going to hate myself for this but I also didn't want to take advantage of her while she was asleep.
IC: Lotus yawns as she wake rubbing her eyes with her one free hand. "Whats wrong" she asks with a gruggy tone.
"You were uh ... ahem trying to seduce me in your asleep." I say making sure my other hand was very much not under her gown. I mentally thank the ship for the lack of lighting at the moment.
IC: Lotus shook a little as Magneton removed his hand from under her gown and was also very close to him and could feel something else. "Wait I tried to do what" She asks wide eyed
If I could have gotten redder I would have as I roll onto my back. "Yeah ... I ... I just didn't want to take further advantage."
IC: Lotus smiled a little and rolled him back over to look her in the eyes. She kissed Magneton littly on the lips and pulled back a few strains of hair in her face. "Most people would have taken advantage of the moment. Thanks" She says still tired as she lays her head to his chest.
At this time, you may all begin to receive your first memories when you fall asleep.

Manta looks at the figure in front of her. She knew who it was, even with his suit gone. She says nothing as he gets out of the pod, nude and with freezer-burns, which didn't even bother him. The Grand Master sits on his now-closed pod, and give Manta a look. He opens his mouth, and talks, his voice hoarse from his sleep:
"Manta. It is good to see you again. Is anyone else aware I am awake?"
Manta shakes her head, and points to something on the wall. A suit laid waiting for the Grand Master: His very own suit, custom made for his specifics, a black-and-red suit with a black cloak, silver stitching on the edge. The door to the Defrosting Room was locked as well, and no one else was in the room. The Grand Master sighs, standing up and walking slowly toward the suit. He gives it a loving look, and says "What has happened since I slept?" His gaze turns to Manta, and she replies "The Grey Ones are gone. Something has replaced them, and the Arachyn have vanished."
"Hm.......I have missed much. I will need to be filled in." The Grand Master says, and Manta nods. She moves toward the door, and it unlocks as she floats out. Noting the time, she dims the lights all over the ship, and re-locks the door, waiting.
I lightly stroke Lotus' hair. "Like I said when we first woke up. I'm not that kind of guy." I sigh slightly and shake my head. "Now perhaps had you been conscious I would have likely let it continue."
IC: "Funny tough guy" Lotus says as she falls back to sleep with him.

OOC: Doing a minor time-skip with lotus and magneton nothing that should affect the main rp. If you want Jester I can edit my posts.

IC: After a few hours of them sleeping. Lotus is curled up into a ball a little bit away from magneton. Her hands are on her head agaisnt her temples she is weeping and the crying would wake magneton.
I open my eyes and reach over to Lotus. "Hey wake up. What's wrong?" I ask concerned and curious as to what she was dreaming about.
IC: "I remeber my mother and brother and I remeber you... I can't get the image of my mother being murdered in front of me or Yoshi dieing when I was being evac off of the planet... Oh Goddess I kept telling him I didn't want to be left a lone." Lotus says quickly between cries.
Having crashed out in a dorm room, I slowly come to. Sitting up, I stretch and wince, trying to organize and clear up the dreams/memories I'd had;, what the hell was that?...
I pull Lotus in close to comfort her. "I remember some of that myself but you aren't alone. I'm still here and I will do everything I can to never leave you alone like that." I kiss the top of her head soothingly.

I lay against the wall dreaming and remembering some of my past.

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