The Reawakened War (Pt 4)

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IC: Lotus kissed magneton on the lips quickly before looking down at the floor blushing and still crying a little.
I gently place a finger under Lotus' chin and push on it until she is looking at me again. "Please don't cry." I say before kissing her back but passionately drawing it out a bit.
IC: Lotus kept kissing magneton as she pulled him on top of her and guided one of his hands up her leg.
I pull away from the kiss and rest my forehead against Lotus'. "Are you one hundred billion percent sure about wanting to do this?" I ask moving my hand up under her gown slowly.
IC: "Please Jack I'm sure" Lotus says with pure desire as she pulls his shirt off.
As I heard Lotus use my actual name I smiled slightly. "OK Aya." I say before letting the moment take over.
IC: Lotus laid next to magneton exhausted and sweaty. she used the blanket to cover her chest as she laid her head on magneton's chest. "You were always there for me when we were kids. My best friend.. I remeber you beating up one of my boyfriends when he hit me.. I never really realized how much you loved me or the fact that you were in love with me... I hope tonight made up for the times I ignored you." She whispers to him as she falls asleep. A happy smile on her red face.
"More than." I whisper back as I kiss the top of her head before drifting into a blissful sleep.
Gravitatis lies in his bunk, but does not fall into a sleep.

Collisio's eyes slowly close, and she starts to remember a bit of her life.

Ardeo falls into his bed, and sleeps.

"Too damn lazy to do their memories right now."
Nikku walks into his room, closing the door, stripping off his armor, almost nicking his finger on a spike, then sets it down against a wall. He practically fell into bed, then slept soundly.

{Red seven come in.} {{Don't answer. It's a trap Nicholas.}}

{{"I'll answer it if I freggin want to. Now just let me finish the serum."}} He said.
Why would he ever say that? Why did they call him Nicholas? He never sold A-serum to anyone but researchers who he would watch closely the next few days. Most of the scientists would also die the day the experiment ended. No reason to allow misfits knowledge of his method.

{{ Whatever. Just keep them off the base until after the last squad is out.}} {Red Seven? Blue three, check on Nikku.}
{"Sorry, my comm was down."} He made a last modification to the serum, and the memory faded.

Nikku woke up, sweating down his chest, his hand straying to his traquilizer. What? That modification was never used again. Why would I not use it? He thought, falling back on his bed, slowly reaching for a glass of water.
IC: Lotus rolled in her sleep away from magneton taking almost all the covers with her.
Still asleep I roll onto my side and pull Lotus against me and wrap my arms around her. I then re-position the covers so we both were plenty covered.
IC: Lotus puts her arm on Magneton's chest and kisses him on the cheek before going back to sleep. In her sleep she laid ontop of Magneton and started to kiss him again. Appearntly her body was tired but her spirit was acting out in her sleep.
Still asleep I unconsciously go along with whatever Lotus wants and/or needs.
IC: Lotus reaches up and bits his ear slightly before kissing him on the lips once more. She rolls off of him taking all of the covers with her as she went back into a peaceful slumber on her side of the bed.
Still asleep I roll onto my side again and pull lotus to me readjusting the covers as I do so. With her back pressed to my chest I lightly kiss the back of her neck and let one hand wander in a southerly direction while the other, gently yet firmly, holds her around her chest.
IC: Lotus wakes up with a light moan as she runs her hand south to magneton's stomach and pushes him off her. him. With her other hand she guides his hand off of herseld before going to bck to sleep.
Son of a... Please for the sake of not getting in trouble and/or the thread deleted, tone it down a little bit?...
"Damn you to the flowing rivers of molten rock deep within the crust."
...Was that to me or to them?...

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