The Reawakened War (Pt 4)

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By the gods... did I just skim what I thought I just did?...
Not that I have a problem with it, it just... WRONG PLACE.
Remember, these are public forums.
So please, please, just tone things down a bit...

ALSO, let's be thankful that this isn't active enough to hit the popular topics list...
I really don't want to think about where that could lead.
OOC: Well we have been wondering what to do and since it seems Jester is unwilling to do a timeskip to morning we were at a lost. Again will tone down if not be removed as soon as the thread starts to move.
War as has been previously stated ... there has been worse.
Fair enough...

*Deep breath*

As I leave the Dom hall, I stop by a door, a lingering suspicion of what was happening on the other side of it. Shaking my head in bemusement, I walk away, heading for the mess hall.
There was a few people still in the Mess Hall. A few of them were asleep, some were eating, and the rest were chatting quietly.

No real need to advance to morning. And don't give me that 'There's nothing to do' excuse.
Grabbing a plate of food, I select a table at random and plonk my tray down. Quickly grabbing a seat, I dig in, listening to the various snippets of conversation around the mess hall.
Snippets of conversation....


"....Room was locked for a few minutes. I wanted to see who it was, but Manta waved me off."
"Well, with a Grand Master now, we may be able to take back the Temple from......."

"..... How many this time around? That station was pretty infested, last I heard."
"Three teams went in. Our team was the only one that came back at decent strength. The other teams got hit hard by the Ancients......."

"....Malice and Saryn managed to kill that Prototype that wiped out several teams. Glad to see it's gone, damn thing killed many of us."
"Yeah, rumor has it that they want to hunt down Harpy and kill her, but Manta said no to each time they asked. Hopefully, she'll let them......"
Guess I'll do my best to stay caught up.

IC: I sat in the hangar again, looking out into the void of space. It had been a successful operation, though smooth wouldn't be the word I used to describe it. Sighing, I lean back and enjoy the darkness space was, humming a little tune to myself.
Sighing, I return my attention to my food, still feeling out of place.
Ok. Declaring this dead. Sorry RPers.

Aw well. A very cool idea though. I think the RPing community has been slowing down a bit anyway.
I already know this is late, but damn. I enjoyed this one.

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