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Now I am by no means an expert...I play mostly campaign and screw around in ranked games...but one thing I loved to do, was being able to warp TO my mothership..and with the new mothership you can't do that...They claim to have helped protoss, but now you can't have your retreat option waiting in a safe place...nor can you have a mothership reinforce your main attack.
Am I the only one that feels this is a nerf to the mothership by removing that option?
Yea, I dont like the changes to the mothership or the addition of the mothership core either.

The unit(s) are far too weak to be unique/limit 1 as they are, and we lost a lot of options with the removal of mass recall. Something else I've noticed is that you can only warp the mothership/core and nearby units to a nexus -you own-, so you cant even use it to get to an ally's nexus to help defend it. Also, why doesnt the mothership keep the photon charge ability after upgrading? IMO, none of the core's abilities should be lost - you still have the core at hte center of your ship, afterall.

In general, I think the mothership needs an overhaul, and I'd like to see "hero ships" for the other races as well (i.e. limit 1 / unique vessels that can have a big impact on the battlefield). For zerg, we had the leviathan kerrigan could summon during the hots campaign, and I'm sure they could come up with some sort of starbase or command ship for terrans easily enough - the hyperion was pretty fun to use during the one space mission you had control of it in hots.

Here's what I think they should do to that effect:

-Remove the mothership core, and have the Mothership warped in from the stargate after a fleet beacon is built.
Defense Matrix: When active, slowly drains power in order to raise a shield around the mothership which will block incoming projectiles (similar effect to the Raven's point defense drones, but only stops projectiles that are heading towards the mothership itself and works like a shield rather than a fire system).
Warp: Moves all player-controlled units in the targetted area to the Mothership.
Recall: Returns the mothership and all nearby player-controlled units to the targetted nexus.
Time Warp: Slows the movement speed and attack speed of all enemy units in the targetted area by 50% for 30 seconds.

We lose the passive cloaking field in exchange for more mobility and a much more powerful time warp. The defensive shield protects the mothership from projectile attacks (anti air missiles and the like), giving it more survivability so it can stick around and support other units for longer before having to retreat.

Terran Command Ship
-Large terran air unit, unique / limit 1 - same as the mothership. Produced from a starport with attached tech lab, requires armory.
Point Defense Turret: Slowly drains energy to destroy incoming projectiles directed at the Command Ship.
Hyper Jump: Teleports the Command Ship to any visible location.
Storage: The Command ship can load/unload units (twice the capacity of a dropship).
EMP Blast: Reminiscent of the science vessel, fires an EMP missile at the target location which temporarily stuns all mechanical units (even friendly units), drains energy, and deals heavy damage to shields.

The Command ship ends up being the terran equivalent of the mothership, but not identical. Instead of being able to recall a ton of units to itself, or teleport itself and nearby units back to a command center, it has the ability to hyper jump to any visible location (so you can use a command center scanner or a scout unit to spot an area to hyper jump to). As a balancing factor, instead of being able to warp in an unlimited number of units like the mothership can, the Command ship can only use it's storage space to carry units - up to twice the cargo space of a dropship. The command ship cannot bring air units with itself during a hyper jump, either. Instead of a time warp field to hinder enemy units, it has an EMP missile designed to directly counter protoss and terran units, but requires some smart use as it can disable friendly units as well as enemies.

Zerg Leviathan:
-Again, a unique / limit 1 unit that is produced from a hive after a spire is created.
Scourgelings: Slowly drains energy while active. Releases flying scourgelings which collide with incoming projectiles, exploding and destroying them before they can reach the leviathan. (Same concept as point defense system and defense matrix)
Deep Burrow? Not sure of a name for this one, but the idea is the same as deep burrow - allows the leviathan to travel instantly to any location where there is creep.
Carrier: Links the leviathan to the nydus network, allowing it to unleash any units stored within nydus canals/worms.
Drop Pods: The leviathan unleashes drop pods which randomly spawn timed-life zerglings, roaches, or hydralisks.

Taking a more offensive approach than the mothership or command ship, and reinforcing the swarm concept for the zerg, the leviathan is able to unleash a huge number of units via the nydus network and can also fire drop pods which unleash zerg units, but has no control ability like its equivalents.

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