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Hello guys.

I'm a complete noob. Just bought SC2 two days ago an I've been having tons of fun on the singleplayer and I've been getting owned a lot online.

I've been watching some SC2 videos and doing the tutorials but I'm not sure how to deal with some things that I've seen in-game.

A couple of questions I have:

After I warp in the first Gate and Cybernetics Core, how many gateways should I be aiming to build? (Assuming I'm going for a stalker heavy army).

How do I prevent an early marine rush, when only one warpgate is up - I had one stalker while the enemy had around 20 marines...

Like I said, I often go for a stalker heavy build, but what I find is that I'm being capped by my gas income rather than my mineral income. This leads to a pretty substantial buildup of minerals - what's the best way to "dumb" them?

And my last question, which unit is considered to be the strongest v.s zerg rush (colossus & air units not included)?

Thanks for the help guys, I'm loving the game though I'm a complete noob - it's fantastic.

Also, I do not own HotS, I'll be getting it within the month, depending how busy I'm gonna be.
05/08/2013 11:01 AMPosted by SupplyBlock
how many gateways should I be aiming to build?

like 4 per mining base
How do I prevent an early marine rush

scouting! you will have to make more gateways and chrono out stuff. also stalkers can kite marines if you can micro
05/08/2013 11:01 AMPosted by SupplyBlock
buildup of minerals

more workers! zealots with charge. more bases. more gateways! more forges for ups
05/08/2013 11:01 AMPosted by SupplyBlock
zerg rush

wall off with cannons. sentries with ff spam. zealots for lings, immortals for roaches


watch some Day [9]
Thanks for the reply.

I played the first 5 games which are meant to determine your rank and according to Blizzard, I should go into Silver league o_O... I won 3 games out of 5 but come on...

I know I should be in bronze, you know I should be in bronze, Blizz knows I should be in bronze... but they troll me...

I've been watching HuskyStarcraft's vids (the reason why I bought SC2 in the first place was because his 'Bronze League Heroes' showed that even noobs can have fun in SC2).

Not sure why I'm rambling on here...

Do you know what websites are good in explaining the basic openers etc for noobs?

Team Liquid's wiki page has a lot of builds explained. You can also try looking through the forums for some.

Don't worry about your league; it really doesn't matter and has absolutely no effect on who the system matches you against. You'll be matched based on your Match Making Rating, which will stabilize after a while. (If you lose a lot, it'll go down and make you fight players with equivalent MMR) If your MMR goes beyond the minimum for your league, you'll be demoted, but the matchmaking isn't based on your league or rank.

Keep watching vids from people like Husky (And I'd also suggest Apollo and Flatline who have lots of tutorials on their youtube channels as well as Day9, if you ever have an hour to spend watching one of his Dailies). Also, play, play and play some more.

Nice name, by the way.
Just make sure no matter what you do and what build order you choose that you:
ARE ALWAYS MAKING PROBES!!! like always, continuously, forever. when you watch a replay and look in the production tab you should see probes being made. always. you can win so many low level games by just having more money and warping in more units then they have
I think the best way to get started is to have 3 gateways and 1 tech structure on 1 base. Your goal is to focus on spending all your money and not getting supply blocked. If you can do this with 1 base then you can start worrying about expanding. Gateway>cyber>tech>2 more gates.
Id recommend robo. Get an observer and then immortals.

You honestly don't really want a stalker heavy army early in the game. You are probably losing to the rushes you mentioned because you aren't building sentries. Forcefield is the single most important ability protoss have and new players always overlook it. 1 forcefield at your ramp prevents units from getting in and you can keep doing that until you have the better army.

What I have suggested is not going to work in the higher leagues, but you can progress to expanding faster as you figure out how to play faster, scout better, and macro.

Somebody mentioned apollo, but definitely check it out. I consider his tutorial the definitive guide for beginners. It is outdated now but you will figure out the changes as you learn and watch pros.

Pro players are always streaming. Teevox is the best website for finding them in my opinion. You can also use the team liquid stream list. Some good protoss that stream often are grubby, desrow, sase, and sometimes huk, naniwa and MC if you are lucky.!/c=streams&ch=1&p=3

The best protoss players in the world, by several orders of magnitude above the rest, the ones that make NA grandmasters look like silver players, are korean. You can watch their games at You have to pay for full access (I pay, it is totally worth it) but you can watch the first game of a series for free.
It could be worse, my friend. You could be a guy I know who puts 10 SCVs in each vespane geyser.

As several people have already said, probes. You should always be making probes until you at least have 16 mining minerals. If you lose to 20 marines with just one stalker then you probably aren't gathering resources very well.

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