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We are aware of the disconnection issues that have been frequently occurring in 4v4 match-ups. The cause is being investigated and we would like to extend our thanks to all of those who have assisted us with narrowing this down, you've been a tremendous help! It seems the issue is more complicated than the current 5 of one race hypothesis, but that has certainly put us on the right track and the investigation is ongoing.

If you wish to share more potential causes please post in this thread as the more information we have the more likely we are to find a solution.
Thanks for stickying this.

Here is my replay of the problem, in which i did have 6 protoss I belive.
Migz is a hard-core tester. Should call this bug the Migz bug :)

I know Huginncord said it is more complicated than just 5 race, but the way to fix any problem is to reduce the variables down as much as possible and be able to reliably reproduce both the bug and instances where there is no bug, and Migz did that with his tests.

The addition of the 10 minute variable is really wierd and points to a memory type bug where the errors add up over time in a 4v4 game with more than 5 of the same race until, after maybe 10 minutes, the code bugs out completely and is unable to properly collect game stats such as builds, win markers and race stats. Thus once the threshhold is passed it falls back to default settings: loss, all zerg and no default for builds such that an error is shown.

I am not a coder so I am just speculating. The time variable seems key in the logical problem solving path.

An easy way to temporarily fix this until a complete fix is found is to change the default win marker setting to win instead of loss. Probably more complicated that this but in essence the result would be that when a match bugs out it should default to win.

This could be changed back to loss again once the code is cleaned up to prevent future abuses.

Actually the more I think of this, changing the default to win would cause people to play more 4v4 with more than 5 of one race so that, even if they lose, it would count as win. While fun, long term it is bad so probably not a good idea. /sigh

Thinking even further on this topic, since replays are not affected it is an error in post-game data collection or analysis. This means it is likely happening in all matches, but the 'crash' threshold is breached only when there are more than 5 of one race in the same match. This also fits with the time variable in that the short time means that the threshold is not reached.

If it is present in all matches then it likely is causing lag for everyone as the code error routines are trying to cope with the builup of errors.

Am I on the right track?
On the bright side my bonus pool continues to grow...
I hope you all are able to fix it quickly. Good luck!
Ok, lets start looking at all the stats of the replays: --- 5 protoss , 54 minutes (raging ice replay) -- 6 protoss 15 minutes (Zebulon' replay) -- 6 protoss 36 minutes long (maggots replay) -- 5 protoss 29 minutes long (kaz' replay) -- 6 terran 25 minutes long (bubbles replay)
I'll just go ahead and copy/paste what I said in another thread on this issue:


  • The score screen does not show up when exiting the game.
  • A blank screen is shown with a busy indicator that spins indefinitely (as far as I know, I only sat around for about a minute before closing the blank window).
  • The match history shows every player as zerg. This includes matches where no players actually were zerg.
  • Both instances of this problem I won the match, but it got recorded as a loss in my match history.
  • When viewing the match in history, you can not select the build order tab. The tab button is greyed out and hovering over it says "No build order were saved"
  • If you attempt to view the Units tab on the score, it displays a screen that says "ERROR Unable to load score screen.
  • The same error screen appears if you try to select the Graphs tab
  • This only happens in 4v4 ranked mode in WoL, as far as I know.
  • I haven't seen it happen at all in HoTS, whether in ranked or unranked. I don't play unranked in WoL so I do not know if there are problems with unranked matches in WoL.

Play a ranked 4v4 match in WoL gameplay mode. This bug happens randomly after the game concludes when trying to view the score screen. I've seen it happen in 2 out of about 5 games that I've played.

Migz claims that it happens when there are 5 or more players playing the same race. I have not found this to be the case, as I just played a 19 minute ranked 4v4 match in WoL where there were 6 zerg and it did not happen. Although only three of those zerg were chosen, and the other three were random. That may have something to do with it.

I continue to only see this problem in ranked 4v4 WoL, although there are reports of seeing it in other modes of play.
All of my testing was done in HotS, not WoL.

I have no data on failure modes using only WoL.
I've never seen it happen in HoTS even though I play it much more than WoL. Maybe I've just been lucky in my HoTS matches to not get whatever conditions cause this error.
I've never seen it happen in HoTS even though I play it much more than WoL. Maybe I've just been lucky in my HoTS matches to not get whatever conditions cause this error.

Well, for Hots, it seems pretty easy. Just load up a map with 5+ of any race, play for at least 10 minutes, win... and disconnect.

In 4v4, of course.

Not sure how much this helps, but
5 protoss
2 terran

in HotS
others depicted the scenario, so I will just give another data point.
Edit: 29min 13 sec replay length
Edit2: 3 were random.
happened in the HotS Arcade, 4v4 monobattle sand canyon. there were not 4 or more of any particular race:

we won & it said "you have left the game". match history hasn't updated yet but i presume it will show a loss.
i've had it happen in 4v4 Ranked HotS.. occurred with 5 terrans in the game.. funny that everyoen except a single player shows up as zerg in the score screen (which exhibits all the same issues as described above).
I had it happen twice tonight. Once at the very beginning of a game I was dropped and then just now I got dropped as the victory sign came up. It counted as a loss in a 4v4. I was Protoss. Most annoying.
I found that this wasn't a problem when I was doing 5+ zerg or toss, but terran seem to have that effect. I also was able to get the Victory logo and the score screen. The score screen shows a defeat.
This has happened to me at least a half dozen times or more. I should have been documenting this better. [It is rather annoying to win a game then have it recorded as a loss.]

Here is my most recent Win converted to a loss when playing HoTS 4v4.

As stated by other players the game goes to the score screen and shows the waiting icon.
I let it go for a few minutes (should have timed it) and then it shows a defeat (after winning).
Watching the replay shows my team as "Victorious". I will try this again to see if I can pick up any other details.

Fossil Quarry

7 Protoss
1 Zerg

19:44 Minutes
Have you guys noticed that even though you get the "victory" screen while in game, you get the "defeat" while in the stats... and also no experience. However...I've played a few games and legitimately loss...and ended up getting experience. Makes no sense. These have all been 4v4 games since I was gunning for some of the easier achievements.
another monobattale Arcade game failed with the same "you have left the game" message and a loss (we won). also got 2 achievements in game but couldn't see them afterwards... :(

hmmm if only we could roll-back the updates to the previous patch... :D
It's not specific to matchmaking games either. I can't get the 4v4 ai kin achievements in custom games because it always counts it as a loss. :(
I had a loss claiming disconnection instead of victory even though I stayed. Match history took very long to load. Match: 4vs4 Ranked celestial bastion 2:50 pm MST 5/17/2013. disappointing. Was on a 6 win streak as #1 platinum.

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