please help me remember this awesome game

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I recently remembered this game I used to play about 7-8ish years ago, it could possibly be the best videogame ever. it was a mix of FPS and RTS.

I have searched the web frantically and couldnt find it. so I will post some things I remember about the game here and hopefully someone will know what Im talking about.



- it was during the Windows XP era if Im not mistaken
- it was a 3D game with humans vs another alien race
- you could switch from first person to third person (even inside vehicles). but 3rd person didnt have an "aim" to shoot so it was pointless
- the game was mostly a FPS. very futuristic, very "lazor"-ish.
- I assume it was a cheap indie game since its graphics werent superb. very "squarish"
- there was diferent types of guns that would do different things.
- there were also various types of "vehicles"/"tanks" (each had a different ability). oh and they didnt have wheels, they would hover.
-you could drive/hover over water.
-one of the alien vehicles could "morph" between a fast fragile mode and a slow tanky mode with more fire power.
-you could pilot any vehicle (human or alien) provided it was empty
-the sniper gun was the only one that would 1 shot.
-you could use the sniper gun to aim and shoot at the window of an alien vehicle to kill the pilot and steal the vehicle.
the window would have a glowing red light behind it (symbolizing the pilot), and once you shot at the red light and the light disappears you would know the alien is dead and you can steal his vehicle!

-when inside an alien vehicle, the other aliens would think you were one of them and wouldn't shoot you. so long and they didnt see you get inside that vehicle.
-you only had 1 life, if you died, you had to start the mission over.
-even if you had 100 hp, if you are in a vehicle and the vehicle gets destroyed, you die.
you need to quickly exit the vehicle before it gets destroyed.
-you can/get "run over" or rammed by vehicles. but this would also damage your vehicle

-later on in the game, you could (partially or completely) control a base. build buildings, make troops, etc. you could tell allied troops to patrol or follow a unit too.
-I remember the humans had a defence tower (it was huge, and did massive damage). it was the tallest building you could make. at the top it had 2 cannons that shot 2 big green lazors that could be dodged
oh ye, certain other lazors could be dodged too!
-the aliens tower was also huge, but shot 1 lightning thingie that couldnt be dodged

that is all I can remember, if someone could please know what the name of this game is, please tell me.
Didn't play the specific game you played it seems, anyways here is a list of sci-fi first person shooter games released around 2005-2006

Potential games:

Nitro Family
Cube 2: Sauerbraten
Doom 3
Tribes: Vengeance
PlanetSide: Aftershock
Half-Life: Source
Inago Rage
Judge Dredd: Dredd VS Death
Mortyr 2
The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay - Developer's Cut
Project: Snowblind
Enter the Matrix
Aliens Versus Predator 2: Gold Edition
Serious Sam Gold
Turok: Evolution
Alien Blast: The Encounter
Nexuiz (2005)
no, its none of those games. but how did you get that list?

I actually manually searched thru all
and didnt find it.
I must have missed it... but Im not gonna search thru all that again...
Is it multiplayer? If it is then it sounds a bit like Natural Selection.
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars?
as far as I recall, it didnt have multiplayer. but dont take my word for it.

Im so sad I cant remember this game :(
I cant even remember exactly what year I played it... something like from 1998 to 2005 lol

edit: oh yes... the aliens had a dark purple/black with yellow stripes theme colour to them... and they were humanoid (they looked like skinny women from a distance)
Still doesn't ring a bell. Must have been quite an obscure game.

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