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Continued from Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 23)
The code of conduct remains unchanged my friends, what I say goes, and the roaches in the back haven't been fed recently. (Please excuse me while I fix that)

Now to the important stuff...

Drink menu:

A Jim Raynor -- Cheap, harsh, and served up warm in a filthy glass.

A Tychus Findlay -- You’re not actually sure what it is, but you spilled a few drops and the counter is still smoking.

The Zeratul -- It isn’t served to you, instead it appears from the shadows. Then, when you try to drink it, you experience weird visions and the glass disappears.

Zergling “Special” -- “Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my rag-time gal…”

Firebat -- Burns goin’ down AND comin’ back up.

Psi-Storm -- Hits so hard you’ll remember what happened tomorrow, yesterday.

Grounds for Divorce -- Matt Horner was drinking these when he “won” a fateful card game.

What He’s Having -- Kachinsky always seems to be in here, so whatever he’s having must be pretty good.

Baneling Body Shot -- Are you sure this is a good idea? I’m not sure where to put the lime...

A Glass of Milk -- “Whaddya mean there aren’t any cows in Koprulu? Where’d this come from then?“

The Solar Shot -- For those looking for a good time. Flame-proof clothing recommended, cuz you’ll be shining brighter than the star of Typhon.

Korhalian BackStabber -- Good for the recently betrayed and left for dead.

The Jail Breaker -- new from the recently opened New Folsom Prison Bar.

The Bloody Medic -- kills the pain, but we still say you should have a doctor check that out.

Redstone Mixer -- expensive, but I can guarantee it’ll be served in a clean and sterilized glass. Careful, that lava’s hot.

The Broadcaster -- You’re not ready for the raw $ex appeal this sucker brings. A favorite of a certain ex-convict.

The Hellracer -- suspension of sobriety is an integral part of any drinking experience, but this experience requires suspension of sobriety and inhibitions.

The Maelstrom Shocker -- Only served here, a 40% bigger hit than standard Shockers, guaranteed.

Psionic Cooler -- yes, I know it feels weird. Don’t worry, the energy coming out of your body should wear off in a couple days

(insert generic letters to indicate gibberish) -- I don’t know what’s in it either, but that guy down there had one. He started screaming and thrashing for a while, and now he hasn’t gotten up off the floor in over an hour.

The Judicator -- Perfect for influencing the minds of the intoxicated.

Prismatic Void -- Gets better with every drink. Has been known to be lethal.

Mind Shredder: perfect for those wishing to forget everything and start a new life. For anyone not wishing to do this, this drink isn’t advised.

Scotty Bolgers old no. 8: the good stuff

Andorian Ale: Can’t tell you how I got this, its a trade secret.

Charge: Made using stim and several other ingredients. Side effects vary.

Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer): If you really want to feel hammered, this is for you. Served with a side of hot lead.

Enlightenment: tell me when you get there.

Marine: may cause you to see the counter vanish

Feedback: served cold. All those annoying voices in your head start telling you what you did wrong today.

M.U.L.E.: Good buzz, but may cause a break down later.

Haven Splitter: you’ll either feel warm, safe, and content, or depressed, paranoid, and possibly like injecting yourself with random serums. 50/50 shot.

Ace Suicide: I don’t actually know what this does. Nor do I recommend it.

Alcoholic Projector: Ever wanted to know what you’re actually like when you get totally trashed? Take a few sips of this, and all the alcohol in your system will condense into a ‘party’ version of yourself, where you are completely wasted, have no inhibitions, and are just out for a ‘little’ fun. The more you’ve drunk beforehand, the better the projection. Have fun!

The HBRB: however crazy you think you are, this will make you worse. Yes, that includes you, namesake.

The Noodle Incident: we all know what happens when you take this. It needs no explanation.

Little bit of everything: Exactly what it says. I’ve taken everything I’ve got, mixed it together, and put in the laser accelerator for a few hours. There’s no telling what will happen.

Slicer: Has the unique property that it changes effect depending on the drinker's personality, amplifying any traits they have a good thousand times over. Buzzes in the back of your skull begin after three drinks, amplify slowly, and you randomly sprout wings after the 11th glass.

The Scoutmaster: May result in the drinkee feeling experiencing high levels of Trustworthiness, Loyalty, Helpfulness, Friendliness, Courtesy, Kindness, Obedience, Cheerfulness, Thriftiness, Bravery, Cleanliness, and Reverence. Not Recommended for parties.

Mar Sara Black: need a pick me up, or something for radiation poisoning? Or jut something to get a good buzz going that doesn’t break down? Then say good night, because we won’t be seeing you until the morning. If you wake up.

The Smylez: This beverage is delicious, trust me. Drinking it will have absolutely no harmful effects on you (please ignore the green smoke), and your liver and kidneys will not be damaged in the least. Seriously.

The Lightyear- This drink will take you the distance

Justice Juice- Definitely not recommended for people with a... questionable history

Drink accessories:

pylon shards (for those that need that extra crunchy glitter)

hydralisk spine umbrella (not for the more bubbly drinks)

Mentos: you’ve seen that experiment with Coke? Wait till you see what happens with this stuff.

Pylon Powered Jellybeans- A classic now made available to the public. The extra energy may make you a little skiddish.

Laser accelerator: Heh heh, you think you’ve had it all? Time for a little ‘randomosity’. Maximum time of one week.

The menu will updated every so often, so check back to see if there is anything new you might like to try. There are only two rules here. Firstly: If anyone starts a bar fight I will either:

1) throw you into the pen of Roaches I keep in the back. I feed them regularly, but you know how voracious Zerg are

2) personally blow your head off, and use your dead body to make new drinks

and 2: what happens in the bar, stays in the bar.

So come. Drink. Enjoy. Chat with friends. Make new ones. Pick up a date [or a one night stand ;) ]. Drown your sorrows. Complain about your life. For those of the literary bent, use this opportunity to get the creative juices [among other things] flowing.

As long as you pay your tab, and don’t break anything, I really don’t care what you do. And the best part is: no hangovers!
---Reserved for Bar History & Events---

Thundercrash starts it. (Thundercrash PRP bar)

I take it over. (Zanon's PRP Bar, parts 1-4)

Thundercrash takes it back. (Thundercrash Bar Dimension)

I take it back (Zanon's PRP Bar, parts 5-7)

I leave for a few days, and will it to Draconus (The New Bar, Parts 1-2)

Smylez hijacks the new bar. (Chaos)

Zanon's PRP Bar (Parts 8-15)

Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Parts 1-5)

The Dime and Spectre: KnarledOne's PRP Inn

Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 16-24)

MarkusDaWise changes his name to ThaneKrios
Zanon creates the United Bar Directorate [UBD] Clan.
I step up to the podium.

"Fellow forum goers, we have gathered here today to celebrate yet another momentous event in Bar history! Eight uninterrupted Bar threads, a new record for the benevolent governing body of this great place. We have struggled through adversity of all kinds, from petty disputes about the nature of reality to senseless violence.

But why have we continued despite these hardships? I will tell you. We have come here to have fun! No petty dispute or brash act can truly stand in the way of that great goal of having fun. That is why we have endured the flames of others and the strife that is ever present in this small society. That is why we put up with trolls and those of General Discussion who would topple this great empire of ours. That is why we endure!

May Chaos and Order find here a balance. Thank you all."
I cheer and holler, raising my Gauss Rifle into the air and firing full auto before chugging my bottle of Whiskey.
05/15/2013 10:31 AMPosted by Zanon
May Chaos and Order find here a balance.

05/15/2013 10:31 AMPosted by Zanon
May Chaos and Order

05/15/2013 10:31 AMPosted by Zanon

PURGE THE HERETIC! Whoops wrong sci-fi series,

Sometimes, the best thing in life are the simple things that often go unnoticed.

By the way, I'll be in a lull for days because I have some major thingss coming up.
I aim my rifle and Heriticus and hold the trigger against it's trigger guard.

"You have no power here!"
Mind playing this on the jukebox?
Nick nothing has really changed. You want it to play then play it, everyone else can just suck it up until the song is over.

By the way welcome back again. Hope to see you more often as summer approaches.
Perhaps... I should celebrate this even by PAYING MY TAB!

Then again, we probably shouldn't go overboard.
Perhaps... I should celebrate this even by PAYING MY TAB!
Not like your tab was ever real. Plus those Prismatic Voids you bought? They watered them down.
"No need to be so trigger-happy, Thane. Well, not yet at least."

"Hello, Hereticus."

edit: CR, Rising Tide please. When you get a chance, that is.
Owl CR is currently at school as am I. Also I have been trying to get more than a single post a day out of him in PKA for the past week or so. so I doubt he'll do anything anywhere else and honestly I think that Rising Tide is probably dead. Eh whatever I'm just getting a bit annoyed right now. I've been trying to RP with him for a good bit of the time I have been here but something always seems to get in the way.
05/16/2013 05:12 AMPosted by HereticusRx
"You have no power here!"

*removes my gray robes revealing that I am Hereticus the White*

I will draw you, ThaneKrios, as poison is drawn from a wound.

*performs magic to cleanse ThaneKrios' soul of ill will*

"My giant fatty modified CMC suit protects against such foolish magic!" I laugh maniacally and spit on HeRiTic.

"Lowly peasant!"
A timely intervention catches the poorly aimed spittle, courtesy of an outstretched hand. With a gesture of disgust I wipe it off on a nearby table, fixing Markus with a pointed glare.

"Reputation and acts are not the same thing. ...Don't call up what you cannot put down."
Owl CR is currently at school as am I. Also I have been trying to get more than a single post a day out of him in PKA for the past week or so. so I doubt he'll do anything anywhere else and honestly I think that Rising Tide is probably dead. Eh whatever I'm just getting a bit annoyed right now. I've been trying to RP with him for a good bit of the time I have been here but something always seems to get in the way.
Ah, okay. And you're probably right about TRT. Why does everything I'm in always die? >.<

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