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Keep up the good work person, goodluck!! ;)
Lol, thanks! I am! Progress is going good!
Avikon the notorious nub
06/20/2013 10:21 AMPosted by InvalidUser
Avikon the notorious nub

Oh yeah?!
Well, You're-
You're stupid!
Yeah, how you like that?
Not so much, huh?
Thane, how is it going buddy? A great thing you are trying to create, hope it is coming along nicely.

Are you still in need of any assistance on the character front? or anything not too technical, would be happy to help if I can. take it easy.
It is coming along, but... Slowly. Motivation can be hard to come by and it can be difficult to muster the strength to pay attention to every last detail.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated! What exactly are you offering?
06/25/2013 12:44 AMPosted by ThaneKrios
Motivation can be hard to come by

06/25/2013 12:44 AMPosted by ThaneKrios
Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

06/25/2013 12:44 AMPosted by ThaneKrios
What exactly are you offering?
A whip for that motivation by whipping you.

Thanks, CR.

I poke you with the honorable pitch fork. -----E
Do you still need help? I might have some ideas.
Of course! Anything helps!
Hey guys.

The time has come for exact character requests!

I have a couple characters I need you to come up with a bio and personality for!

1) A Scavenger and Engineer out of work currently at odds with the local organized scavenging organization called Exetek Corporations. Everything else I leave to your imagination. Keep in mind he will become a squad member.

2) A mysterious ghost. He/she could be anywhere between a psychopath murderer to a cold and calculating AWOL Dominion Ghost.
OK - Here are my proverbial two copper pieces.

OK, y'know those guys at Exetek? Yeah, that's how I wound up like this. Don't look like much, do I? Jess another drunk. Well, sure I'm drunk. Got drunk so I cain't come up with any more genius plans. I swear, I'll have the law on them one o' these days.

Whuh'd they do? Ripped me off, that's what. See, you prob'ly ain't heard o' me, but I'm the guy who designed the first Viking prototype. Crazy, right? Who'd think ya meet someone like that drunk in a bar on some backwater planet? Well, t'weren't no top-notch D'minion scientist, fer sure. Idjits don't know the first thing 'bout th' nuts 'n' bolts side o' that sorta thing.

Oh, how'd I wind up here? Well see, I had another idea. I was working on a dig site (yeah, D'minion ain't much better'n them Exetek losers. I got diddly-squat for the Viking), but there was a catch. Zerg, man. TOns of 'em. Well, after the first few attacks, I was done waitin' around fer them Marines to show up 'n' save our asses. I made some... modifications to my SCV. 'Fore long, some big comp'ny shows up, steals my design, tacks some stupid, showy name on it, and starts tryin' t'sell it to the D'minion. Didn't get paid fer that, plus them idjits couldn't even do the job right. I still got my original design around here somewhere, collectin' dust. Figger maybe I'll try 'n' sell it off, r'maybe get a job pastin' Zerg r'something.

Exetek? Well, them morons got a bit touchy when they figgered out who I was. Figgered they'd keep me from gettin' a job anywhere but wi' them. Wanted my 'skills,' I reckon. Well, I gave 'em a taste o' my skills. Took the job, but rigged up some o' their machines in a nasty way. Y'know, just t'get 'em off my back, get 'em outta my way so's I could get a job. THey didn't take too kindly t'that. But you know what? Them $%&#ers wouldn't even fire me, they just put me 'on leave without comp'nsation. So now I'm sittin' here, drinkin' away what I got left, stuck on some contract that won't let me sign up with anyone else. Soon as I kin get me a job with someone who ain't willin' t'look to close at things like that (hopefully one off-planet), I'm gittin outta this place.

Hope that's helpful.
Hey, thanks Knarled! I really appreciate you pitching in! I have kind of already developed a character for the Engineer, but can't decide which I like better. Yours or mine. Mayble I'll converge them or something.

If I decide to converge or use yours, KnarledOne.318 will be credited appropriately.

Edit- The Ghost has not been touched, however. If someone wants to write a character for the Ghost, please do(:

I suggest you stop by Final Stand and start posting again before Zarkun throttles you.
Done. Thanks warhawk(:

But... Before Zarkun throttles me? You mean before he boots me?

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