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So let's say I'm gonna harass a Zerg base with an Oracle; would it be more damaging to kill 1 Queen or say, like 4 Drones?
If you can actually kill enough queens to prevent creep spread and inject, that's much more damaging against a good Zerg. But if they're not using their larva anyway, like a lot of Gold Zergs, then drones can be better.
I don't make oracles against Zergs because I think phoenixes are much higher priority as a buffer against mutas switches and better at killing queens and overlords and clearing towers. And because you can clear overlords, phoenixes are a much better lead-in to warp prism harass as well.
I'd say if you're about to push with your army or the Zerg is trying to make a lot of army units, the Queen. Otherwise, the Drones.

Normally I can kill a few Drones before/after I kill the Queen though.
Well, once you kill the Queen(s), there's no harm in killing the Drones right after, hey?
the better question is why are you using an oracle vs zerg? phoenix broski, they are infinitely better because you WILL kill overlords too.
Actually, targeting larvae with the oracle can be the best choice in some circumstances, as the oracle kills them very quickly. It depends. But yeah, oracles aren't really good in PvZ at all.
Oracles can be stopped in PvZ without too much effort imo. As a zerg player though I have to tell you queens are infinitely higher priority targets for you. Our larva injection is such an unforgiving mechanic, missing it by a few seconds damages you more than you think. If your queen DIES and youre not injecting the whole time, it hurts, ALOT. Hell of a lot more than 4 drone kills. However 1 blind spore per mineral field will easily stop oracle plays when it's just 1 or 2 oracles. Spore + the queen fends it off real well. I'd suggest phoenix to you.

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