Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXIX

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I nod. "Good then I won't have to kick his a$$ for not coming out of this."

I smile and nuzzle the side of Dante's face. "Yeah I do." I reply just as jokingly.
IC: The men come out of the room and nod to alex. "Another good sign. you can go back in there now. He is fully awake."
IC: "so what do you want to do now?"
What Kroger said, other than that, sure.

IC: I begin to grow all sleepy again as I rest against Jake, not hearing the last part of what he said. "I'm going to sleep again... longest I've ever felt this tired. Wake me up when-" I was knocked out cold now. Still alive.
I nod and go back in. "Thank you." I say to the medical technicians before looking at Sam. "Feeling better?" I ask staying out of arms reach for the moment.

I shrug. "Well I would enjoy to have some intimate time but you're still on probation. Otherwise not really sure."

I chuckle and sigh. "Who have to be the single person I have ever met that ever sleeps this much." I say mostly to myself as I pick her up and take her into the cabin. I place her on the small but comfortable bed before pulling the covers over her. "Sleep well beautiful." I kiss Cynthia on the forehead before leaving the Cabin.
IC: "well its been like 3 days"
IC: Sam looked up at Tari his eye a little blood shot, he was still pale. "Is it too late to just have the cancer." He says with a tired and pained voice.
"You still have about 4 days left of chastity."

"Yes and I don't care how much you want that instead as I'd rather you complaining than not have you at all." I say moving closer slightly.
IC: Sam winced a little at the pain and looked at Tari. "This hurt... a lot" He says with his pained voice.
IC: "well all right" i say getting up and stretching "so where to now?"
"You aren't off the hook yet but I'm glad you are alive and well."

"How about we just stroll a bit?" I say as I get up and hand Dante my clothes to avoid getting them wetter than they had to be.
IC: "So what am I still on the hook for?" Sam asks as he hissed in air out of pain
IC: i shrug and begin to walk
"You're in here for at least a full 24 hours whether you like it or not. Not sure if they will keep you longer or not though." I lean in and quickly kiss him on the cheek before pulling back.

I walk beside Dante my thoughts drifting.
IC: Sam gives a week smile. "I'll just be happy if this pain would stop"
I smile softly. "Perhaps you should ask for some pain killers or sedatives?"

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IC: Sam held up his arm with the Iv in it. "They are pumping the msot powerful pain killer they have into me right now." He said grimly "Frostmoth over there says that this is going to last awhile."
IC: "so....... how's life?" i say, not knowing what else to say at the moment
I nod slightly as I sit on the edge of the bed next to him. "Sucks for you but I'm just glad you aren't dying before you should."

"Good though I must admit I'm somewhat beginning to wonder what Aurora is up to. She hasn't bothered me since we last visited my ship which is not usual for her."
IC: "you wanna go check up on her?"

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