Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXIX

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IC: "I remeber one of your minions spying on us when we were well..." Sam says as he enters the armory.
"Be more specific, that may have not been one of mine." I say to him.
IC: "Razortooth" Sam says while he orders new ammo for his gun.
"What were you doing at the time?" I say, concerned.
IC: "Having a date" Sam says as he signs for the order.
"Ahhh, now I know what your talking about and again I will say, watch the vents."
IC: "Next time I catch him spying I'm putting a bomb on him and sending him back to you" Sam says as he picks up two ammo boxes.
"He can just take it off." I say to him, slightly irritated that he wasn't acknowledging me trying to help him.
IC: "Well I'm going to take these back to my dorm. Nice chatting with you" Sam says as he heads to his room.
After taking a short nap I head back over to the consul and plug in the data drive with the new suit design. As I look over it I notice a few areas that were incomplete and begin to work in a few things that would further improve the design making the cloaking system more efficient and harder to spot as well as creating a focal point for psionic energy to create a full length frontal shield from the left arm. After playing with the optics for a minute I manage to further the distance that the zoom and range finder was limited by and also improve the mask's airflow allowing more air to come in contact with the mouth/nose area allowing for much better breathing. With that I also had to modify the terrazine delivery system that was installed on the suit to produce the correct ration of regular air to terrazine so the suit's wearer doesn't overdose on terrazine after a few breaths.

Upon finishing I have Delta print off a list of materials that were needed to manufacture this suit and then begin to look for and obtain said materials.
I sat on a cliff above the hangar doors, watching the wind blow the sand about and thinking about the amount of time that would have gone into building this place. "It's amazing really..." I mumble to myself, chuckling. Shaking my head, I climb down carefully and head back to my vehicles, realigning the weapon systems and targeting systems.
OOC: hey guys..... i'm back, whew its been a while. So...... recap?
Cynthia is awake and Jake is messing with her a bit. Tari is napping and Sam just picked up some ammo. Serenity is busy reviewing your sim in the sim room. Alicia got knocked out of the tourney not terribly long ago. Zark is still more or less not here for another few weeks so don't try to interact with him much. Jen is in the cafeteria I think and Destron is in the halls somewhere. not sure if i missed anything ...
Destron: I slithered back to were Hydrilik was and I say "I think he was being what Terrans call 'sarcastic'."
My eyebrow raises as I smile a bit, while frowning at the same time. Slightly funny yet amusing and it wasn't a terrible frown, just more of a funny frown. "Interesting. Are you sure you think could win-" I jumped as I got shocked and I was... laughing. "That was different."
"Oh I think I might be able to." I say with a grin and chuckle. "Well of course it was not many people are electrokinetic." I zap Cynthia again having fun.
IC: Sam entered his dorm and put the ammo next to his bed for later. He sits back down at his desk to work on some research.
"Then I'll just slip out of vie-" That was when I was shocked again, I was frowning once more but this time slightly becoming annoyed. "I know you are trying to have fun.. but would you kindly quit shocking me? It feels weird and unpleasant."
"Yeah sure. I'll be over there if you need me." I say a little bit disappointed but not letting it show. I point to a spot just a little bit beyond the trees before heading over to it. Calm down and take things slowly she's a woman you won't find anywhere else. "I KNOW THAT!" The last part comes out almost as a psionic yell and I immediately slap myself.
Name: Scylla
Age: Unknown
Unit Mix: Hydralisk/Queen/
Abilities: Telekinesis: Scylla can grap and throw/crush objects telekinetically
Enhanced Regeneration: Scylla heals at the rate of 3 health per second when out of combat.
Used Weapons: Empress Claws, Acid Spines, Acid Spray.
Special Notes:
Vehicles: Hydra Worm (Hydralisk Nydus Worm mix)

Tweak numbers if you have too, this character seriously needs to get more usage.

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