Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXIX

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I nod and lean back half trying to get back to sleep. "Huh."

"I guess so but I did go back to the main part of the Academy. Perhaps I'm just being stupid and over reacting."
Jen: After I finished eating I head back to my room, bored. I considered watching a movie but I never enjoy watching one alone so I just grew a small Crystal and fiddled with it, sending it flying around the room or floating in my hand.
IC: "Here lets get you back in bed." Sam says as he pulls the covers over Tari.
I give Sam a quick kiss before settling back down to nap.
IC: Sam returns the kiss before going back to his computer. He would go into coughing fits while doing research which was annoying him. "Hey Tari I'm going to go to medbay see if they can't do something for this cough." He says before shutting down his computer.
I murmur something along the lines of 'OK' back to being asleep.
IC: "I'll be back in a little bit" Sam says as he heads out the door towards medbay. He would not be returning to the dorm as the doctors were about to find something that would sap all of Sam's strength.
IC: {{meh, took a nap, and uuh ya nothing that exciting}}
{{Ah I've been in the sim room for the past I don't even know how long working on the sim where you decided to almost kill yourself.}}
"I guess so but I did go back to the main part of the Academy. Perhaps I'm just being stupid and over reacting."

I laughed at this silliness. "Jake, you are so funny! Everyone overreacts and is stupid at times. It's... part of the human nature we still have. Instincts and thoughts."
I chuckle and shake my head. "Yeah ... yeah I guess so." I form two differently colored lightning dragons and they fly around the cove mingling and having fun. I sigh as I watch them. "That is what I wish for with you ... well its similar ... someone to spend the rest of time with ... and a reason to keep living."
IC: Sam laid in a bed in medbay as the nurses put an IV in him and hooked the breathing tubes up. All the colored drained from his body as he laid there writing a note for the doctor. He debated calling Tari but knew she would need rest herself.
Razortooth continued on his patrol, he walked into the medbay, looking around for a second though when he was about to leave he saw Sam, drained of color and hooked up to I.Vs and breathing tubes. "Were you attacked?" Razortooth says, concern actually in his voice.
IC: "Didn't I warn your master that I would kill you if you spied on people again and no I wasn't attack... well not by another person or being" Sam said with a weak voice as he finished his note and handed to a doctor.
"Only patrolling, not observing. I am glad to know it was not what Master thinks but, what could do this to you???" he replies, concern still in his voice.
IC: "disease and death is what happen to me. Want to make yourself useful go check up on Tari for me." Sam replies sounding weaker.
"Shall I tell her of your condition?" he asks.
IC: "No that is something you should no tell her. infact just check up on her to make sure she is ok." Sam says before coughing again
Razortooth runs off and soon enough he is in Tari's room.
I open my eyes sleepily to see Razortooth before I close them again. A moment later I snap wide awake and grab razortooth by the throat before pining him to the wall. A psi-blast forms in my other hand which was pulled back as if to deliver a punch. "You better give me a very good reason why I shouldn't kill you." I say not liking that Razortooth was there in my room unbidden so far as I knew.

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