Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXIX

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"Your boyfriend Sam asked me to check up on you, all I can say is that he is in the Medbay, he did not want to concern you so he told me to not tell you much. Razortooth says, restraining himself from attacking.

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I sigh and throw Razortooth out of my room letting the psi-blast dissipate. "If he doesn't want me to know something that would be concerning to me I just want to know what it is more and it will just make me worry more. Damn it Sam ..." I close and lock the door before blinking to the medbay.
IC: A doctor walks out of Sam's room with a note in his hand and see Tari and sighs. "Ms. Onaka please follow me into my office." He says to her before handing a note to the nurse. "Make sure this gets to whom it is going to."

The nurse looks at the note before going wide eyed and rushing off.
"What's going on and why doesn't Sam want me to know?" I say not moving.
I chuckle and shake my head. "Yeah ... yeah I guess so." I form two differently colored lightning dragons and they fly around the cove mingling and having fun. I sigh as I watch them. "That is what I wish for with you ... well its similar ... someone to spend the rest of time with ... and a reason to keep living."

I gave a smirk as he said the last part. "We are most likely gonna win before we ever fall. That is the truth. Meaning... we'll live for a long, long ol' time. But I see your pain since I have it... it's the one pain that doesn't feel good, you know what I mean?" I ask, almost speaking about my own situation almost. "And trust me, I already tried killing myself, didn't work at all."
I chuckle. "Yeah I know what you mean. Once my little pet project is finished ... eh probably best I don't ever finish it."
IC: "I will explain everything in my offices" The Doctor says to her.
I glare at the doctor and reluctantly enter his office. "I'm not in the best of moods right now so start talking." I say obviously not interested in games or being stalled.
IC: "Ms. Onaka please calm down. I believe sam didn't want to to worry you and that is why he hasn't call you yet. I'm not to sure how to say this so I will just go ahead and be blunt. Sam Wolfe has cancer in most of his lungs heart and some in his bone marrow. Normally this wouldn't be a problem with our nano technology but if we were to send nano bots in to hunt down the cancer cells Sam will die. The reason we believe that we didn't catch this ealier is because of the serum he takes supressed the cancer cells and made them look like scar tissue or normal cell. Sam told us that he had not taken his serum in over a week. We believe that without the serum the cancer started to grow and that the disinfecten that we use for bio-hazards acted as a catalyst in their growth." The doctor says with a long sigh. "We've given him one month to live so long as he takes regular doses of his serum but even then we will be very weak and I doubt he will be able to leave medbay for long. I'm am truly sorry."
"No ... no there has to ... be something someway ..." I was angry, disappointed, slightly desperate and very close to losing it.
IC: The doctor let out a long sigh before looking up at her. "Sam has requested that we contact a Dominion research team about a type of treatment for his Cancer. I do not know what they can do... You might want to go and see sam but please don't excite him too much. He is very weak at the moment."
I think for a moment before my eyes widen and I gasp. "The ... damn it ... please do what ever you have to but you better make damn sure he comes through this. I ... I'll go see Sam then leave so I don't get in the way or make it worse." I say still a bit emotionally unstable as I go to see Sam.
IC: Sam laid in his bed topless but with the IVs and breathing tubes in him. His skin was as pale as the white sheets he was under. People who easly mistake him as a corpse if not for his breathing. Sam eyes where half closed as he stared at the wall.
"Sam ... you better come through this or I'm dragging your @ss out of the void so I can kill you myself and then I'll bring you back again. You understand?"
IC: "Yes ma'am" Sam says as he looks over to Tari motioning for her to come over.
I move to the side of his bed. "Good!" I take a deep breath the calm down and get a handle on my emotions. "I probably won't come see you much after this. I just don't want to get in the way or make it worse for you. And don't you dare keep something like this from me again even if you don't want me to worry." I look down and away. "That just makes it worse for me."
IC: "I just found out about the cancer.. I sent that zerg to simply check up on you. I promise I was gonna call you as soon as you woke up." Sam says before a coughing fit. "And you better visit me often you hear... last thing I want is to be alone without you near me." He looks at Tari with a few tears in his eyes.
"Sam I ... I ... Okay I'll come by at least once a day until you get through this." I look and feel like I'm about to fall apart. "I don't know if I can manage coming very often right now."
IC: "I take it doc told you I am planning on useing the treatment.." Sam asks as he reaches out a hand towards Tari.
I don't move away from Sam as he reaches out. "Sort of he said something about a dominion research lab and I figured out the rest."

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