Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXIX

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I chuckle;
"Attagirl. That sounds like the Tari I know."
I say with a small grin, relaxing the grip of my hug.
I smile slightly and relax the grip of my hug as well. "Yeah ... I just wish that there was more I could do."
{{ha ha..... yeah...... }}
{{So ... you feeling better?}} I ask as I smell something floating on the air. I took a few deep breathes to get a good understanding on what it was. Hmm what has Tari so disturbed? I wonder to myself.
{{sure i guess, just the same old same old}}
{{That's good. You still have 5 days of rest before your back up to snuff though.}}
IC: {{alright}}
{{You sound bored.}}
{{i am bored. i am so bored back at the dorm i might punch the wall and break it}}
{{Well I'm pretty much done here if you want to do something.}} I start to save my place and close down the computer.
IC: {{that's the thing i don't know WHAT i want to do i just want to do something}}
{{Why don't we go down to the ecosystems for a bit? I need to blow some energy anyway.}}
Jen: I was walking around the academy, extremely bored. Finally I had an idea, go to the Ecosystem though as I looked around I realized that it was a long way to the Ecosystem but I continued anyway. As I passed the Medbay I saw Alicia and Tari nearby, something seemed to be off and even if nothing was wrong talking to some would be nice so I ask, "Uhh, Hi Alicia, Hi Tari, What's going on?" ,my tail swishing in curiosity.

I curious look was shown on my face as I was interested with this pet project. For it sounded interesting and was curious at the same time. "Jake, and what is this project? The cabin or something else?"
IC: {{mkay meet you there}} i say before heading out
I look up at Jen for a moment. "Hi. Sam is dying."

{{OK.}} I transmute to the cafeteria to pick up some food before heading towards the Ecosystem.

"Something else ... something that I keep in a very special place."

"Oh, really now? Then I wont pry any further... for now." I say.

"Please don't it's sort of a 'be all and end all' thing I would currently rather forget." I say before trying to change the subject. "So ... what do you think about ... having a relationship? Specifically with me."
"Wait WHAT!?" I say, looking as if I was hit with a Siege Tank due to the surprise and the fact Tari seemed so calm.
"Sam is dying." I looked calm outwardly but my eyes betrayed the internal strife I was going through.

"I can do that... I wont trail any farther since it's bringing you some pain... As for the relationship part? We can give it a go, see how well we'll be able to stay together, you know?"

"Sounds good to me that's all I was really hoping for right now anyway." I say with a slight smile. I look up at the two dragons as they change into the yin-yang symbol with no impute from me.
IC: i wave to Serenity as she walks down the hall "so where do you want to go?
IC: The doctor recieved a message from the dominion to on how to prepare Sam and started to prepare him for the operation. They moved him to a prep room quickly and began to pump out his digestive system since they could not wait any longer.
"Are you alright Tari??" I asked, concerned. Most people would break down saying their boyfriend or girlfriend was dying.

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