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07/31/2013 09:05 AMPosted by TheLostMorph
21 years between the two PKA's and 53 between PKASC and Epilogue.
Huh. Ceas is exactly 99 then.
Owl I'll add you into the lists here in a few.
Are we really letting in the tickle beam of death?
I sense an objection coming from the crowd... one that is of purply colors and dreadlocks...
08/02/2013 04:48 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
I sense an objection coming from the crowd... one that is of purply colors and dreadlocks...
I object to your objection.

*vaporizes Zarkun with the tickle beam of deat*
I stop the beam inches from me. "I was simply asking, not objecting. Tis a difference."
Calls bullsh!t. You cannot stop something like the tickle beam of death.
How is having the Tickle beam present different from having one of your characters there, or any others for that matter.
Anyways. How should I start out in the RP? I'm not sure what's happened so far.
Well you can be just arriving on KLR9 with the protoss fleet or something of the like.
Name: The Glorious Supremely Awesome Jukalisk (Jukalisk for short)
Age: Unknown
Species: Zerg
Sub-group: Himself, though he is helping Poltregeist
Rank: Supremely Awesome God (In his eyes anyways)
Military specialty: Supreme Arrogance, making people mad
Relevant info: A Hydralisk with Juke Boxs implanted into him and each song he plays has a different effect. Has decided to grace the Poltergeist with his assistance
Previous RPs in the Poltergeist vein: Z and Z 2
"Oh yay. I get to f*ck him up with a scythe."
I call dips on f*cking up his mind first.
Sorry Fegel but no.
Name/all accepted aliases: Apophis, Cerebrate
Age: Young.
Species: Zerg
Sub-group: Zerg Swarm
Rank: Cerebrate
Military specialty: Tactical, Global and Planetary Combat, Enhancing Zerg Breeds, Void-Based Abilities
Relevant info: Recent creation of the Hydralisk known as Scylla. Creation brought around by the use of Void Energy stored within Argus Crystals, which resulted in the creation of an entity. Although it is a Cerebrate, and it was recently made, it does not feature the same lethal dependence on the Overmind, having a link of its own in the Void. Although it is a fledgeling entity, it still some power, and can fight for itself.
Previous RPs in the Poltergeist vein: N/A

Before you all start whining and saying 'Not possible', we already have this figured out.
Name/all accepted aliases: Adelric Ravius-Lierth.
Age: 53
Sex: Male
Species: Hybrid (Will explain in backstory)
Sub-group: Mercenary for the Government
Rank: None
Military specialty: Mercenary Leader, Vanguard, Assassin
Relevant info: The last name of Adelric is a mystery and is a mystery amongst Poltergeist Records as no information could be found on this individual. In fact, he doesn't exist in any known recorded records in the Koprulu Sector. Adelric has striking resemblances to two individuals recorded. Cynthia Ravius, and Mira Lierth.
Personal History: Was the embryo within Cynthia Ravius around fifty-three years ago though was removed surgically and inserted into the womb of one insane Mira Lierth. The procedure that happened during it though was through the use of the Purity Serum. A serum that when injected would make someone completely human instead of a hybrid like many of Poltergeist. The truth struck in that it did in fact work, on Cynthia. No information was brought around that it actually completely eradicated the Protoss DNA within this Adelric since the embryo was still growing. But in fact it hid certain genetic traits from the naked eye and did in fact eradicate certain genes; the Protoss genetics hid within the human genetics by successfully merging within them for survival. Thus the amount present is minuscule compared to Cynthia; the child still retained a few traits for example: Could live longer and looked long, higher focus on Psionics as well as more uses.
Previous RPs in the Poltergeist vein: PKASC as a fetus.
Name/all accepted aliases: Dal'ree
Age (in standard years): 531
Species: Nerazim
Sub-group: Daelaam
Rank: Prelate
Military specialty: Assassination, tactics, assault, piloting.
Relevant info: Highly capable in the use of Void energies. Uses an arm mounted Warp Blade, as well as a handgun-like weapon that utilizes plasma. He and his forces are unknown to the Poltergeist records.
Previous RPs in the Poltergeist vein: None.

Name: Kalmire, Cerebrate
Age: Unknown
Species: Zerg
Sub-Group: New Tiamat Brood (Or Kalmire’s Brood)
Rank: Cerebrate, Leader
Military Specialties: Guerrilla Warfare, Terrorism, Hit-and-Run tactics
Relevant Info: Before the second Overmind died, it created something...different. A Cerebrate without the need of an Overmind. The Second Overmind then hid it away, and gave it several thousand Zerg as guards. The Overmind was destroyed, but Kalmire was never found. It has spent time gathering strength, but, it’s forces now powerful and numerous, it is ready to fulfill what it believes to be it’s destiny.
Name/all accepted aliases: The General or General
Age: Unknown
Species: Unknown assumed Human
Sub-group: WOLF's Head Commandos
Rank: Four Star General and Leader of the WHC
Military specialty: Leader of the WHC and heavy frontal assault
Relevant info: Always wearing a modified Marine Suit. Instead of the normal faceplate it has a solid metal plate that has been skillfully made to resemble a snarling wolf's face. No one knows if General is male or female but is usually refered to as male due to 'his' voice which is always put through a modulator. Keeps a C-20a nearby as well as a sheathed knife on one hip and a pistol on the other.
Previous RPs in the Poltergeist vein: None
Name/all accepted aliases: Jen, The Dragon of Paradise (that is what the residents of Paradise call her)
Age (in standard years): Due to staying in stasis for so long her exact age is unknown but she is likely in her 80's or 90's
Species: Hybrid
Sub-group: None
Rank: None
Military specialty: None
Relevant info: After the academy ended she used the credits gifted to her to build a small house on the then tiny colony on the planet Paradise as well as a basic holo generator so she could disguise herself to look human when needed. As the colony grew so did she and eventually she gained a small pair of wings Her presence was in general unknown until a pirate raid came and attacked the main city during the night and wanting to protect her people she came into the small city and killed many of the invaders, helping to scare them off. Shortly after this they dubbed her the Dragon of Paradise because of the psionic burn marks amd claw marks as well as a small bit of footage from one of the pirates CMC suit showing her silohuete gliding towards them, which looked a bit like the a dragon. The colony soon got it's own defense force after the incident and twenty years later with a boom in the planets growth and a boom in her growth it is now present day.
Previous RPs in the Poltergeist vein: PKASC

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