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Name/All accepted aliases: Bob (by most), B-man (by the suicidal), The Destroyer of Worlds (by the knowledgeable), Bobby (by close [female] friends).
Age: Looks about 40. Isn't.
Species: Er... Terran?
Sub-group: Strange people.
Rank: Proprietor.
Military Specialty: None.
Relevant info: We know little of the immortal being known simply as Bob. Our attempts to study him have proven mostly futile, but we have benefited from his existence in other ways. His establishment, Bob's Bar and Grill, a hangout for low-class individuals (and the occasional assassin), serves as an easy entry point into this universe. Our records show that he has traveled in other realms, but apparently he has chosen to settle here out of an affinity for the native Terrans. He appears to most to be nothing more than a brewer of alcohol and preparer of low quality food, yet he has survived the impossible, and on two occasions our spies recorded incredible feats of psionic agility from him. Bob's Bar and Grill is a spacefaring resting place frequented by many types of individuals, including our own agents. Bob seems aware of us, but does not appear to mind our presence.
Previous RPs in the Poltergeist vein: None, he's a new character... or is he?
I posted his intro in the RP thread. I hope strongly that he will be accepted.
Fegel Jen is in. KO I'll need a bit more of consideration.
Name/all accepted aliases: Remus, Brood Master
Age (in standard years): Unknown
Species (Human, Protoss, Hybrid, Zerg, Splitter [Chrono, Drone, Beserker, or Scourge]): Zerg
Sub-group (Poltergeist, Zerg Swarm, Governmental Regiments, Invasion Force): Zerg Swarm (By terms of alliance)
Rank: Brood Master
Military specialty: Assault, disguise, subversion, infiltration, sabotage
Relevant info: Albino Zergling combined with certain aspects of the Changeling strain, white coloration with red eyes, can change into the smaller strains of his brood.
Previous RPs in the Poltergeist vein (PKA, Reckoning, Z & Z 2, PKASC, Techsuit, FOCC): None

Exitium Brood

Scorpios Drone- Basic Worker with a scorpion tail for self defense.

Sand Shark- This strain of the Zergling is unique to the Exitium Brood. Raised without Kerrigan’s touch for years on the planet Desolace, the Brood master Remus found that the normal Zergling didn’t stand a chance in the environment and against the planets predators. Especially once they burrowed. The sand worms of Desolace loved to eat them since they couldn’t fight back. Incorporating some of the sand worm’s DNA into the Zergling DNA, he bred the Sand Shark, a Zergling born with burrow movement and the ability to attack underground, and burst from the ground, gliding to their target.

Slayer- A unique strain of the Hydralisk, it’s even stronger then a normal Hydralisk, but still weaker then the Hunter Killer. Able to spit both Armor Piercing spines and a type of spine known as spider spines. They act as a sort of mine if fired into the ground, and an instant death for unfortunate marines, detonating and sending tiny bits of lethal shrapnel in multiple directions. This strain learned the spider spines from the spiders of Desolace, who would often ensure the swift death of Brood members in a similar way. Remus stole some of their DNA and integrated it into the Hydralisk, creating the Slayer.

Prowler- The Prowler is the Roach perfected. The Roach strain was already near perfect, being able to heal underground, move underground and rain acid on their foes. Perfect for an ambush in all except an opener. The Prowler strain is born with the addition of the native Miner’s DNA. The Miner is a creature who leaves biological mines for it’s prey to find, then after they’ve detonated, the Miner moves in. This addition now allows the Prowler to drop acid mines, hiding them with whatever substance happens to be there, and unleash ambushes that have left Terran colonies without supplies for weeks.

Desecrator- The Exitium Brood doesn't believe in Infestation. However, after spending a long time studying the Terran essence and toying with it, Remus introduced it to a Zerg version of Terran DNA, creating the Desecrator. Armed with twin bone swords and a spine launching bone pistol, these Zerg warriors are far more efficient then any Infested. Coordinating ambushes and raids, they are nearly impossible to hit. Often are able to disguise themselves like a changeling, but without the limited life.

Destroyer- This gargantuan beast is an assimilated Graul and combined with the Ultralisk strain to have four bone scythes and a small group of spore crawlers that can bombard a target area into oblivion. The bone scythes cut infantry and armored vehicles to ribbons. It is to be feared and avoided if possible.

Matriarch- The Matriarch is a combination of both old and new queen DNA. It cannot infest buildings as Remus doesn’t believe in it, but it can launch a parasite allowing you to see what the enemy does. Can fly, spawn creep, spawn larvae, transfuse, spawn broodlings, and ensnare an enemy, but must land to spawn the creep and be touching the Hatchery to spawn larvae. Has no ranged attack, but can attack air and ground units with melee.


Shrike- Resurrecting a form of the Scourge strain of Zerg fliers, Remus combined it with the DNA of the native Spitter bird. The Spitter bird fires razor sharp rocks that have been sharpened in the body and when combined with the Zerg DNA of the Zerg, it created the Shrike, lightening fast and lethal, don’t try to out run them, just hide. Used as scouts and raiders, they are capable of firing their spines at rapid pace.

Fearhawk- A new strain of Mutalisk, while still firing glaive worms, they have a tendency to explode into acidic clouds after the final bounce. They’ve also gained the ability to morph from the Fearhawk into the Broodking

Broodking- You’ve seen the brood lord, but the Broodking is three times as lethal. Using not only broodlings to fight, firing four at a time instead of two, but it also uses spine worms, a lethal explosive that shoot spines in all directions, killing anything in the blast radius. Run when they crest the horizon, for none will survive.

Overlord Prime- The only thing able to control the Exitium Brood, they are armed with a self defense mechanism; a self destruct that can be triggered manually, or triggered upon death, spreading an acidic cloud over an area and creating real acid rain.

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