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Mecha the set up isn't for people to be distrusting people right now. Everyone is fighting to keep the sector from being enslaved.
I like the sounds of that, War. I was gonna do twins either way.
Heh. So, which one are you going to RP?
True, but do I have to do Swarm Zerg as Scylla really does need some use and I don't want to have to make a character from scratch.
True, but do I have to do Swarm Zerg as Scylla really does need some use and I don't want to have to make a character from scratch.

First off, yes. Drac isn't one to make exceptions for those who are onlyb trying to get facetime with a character.

War, I'll take the boy.
Hmm... alright then.

Amanda Remington Reaver coming right up...
Yeah, and I'm doing the girl. Amanda Remington Reaver.

Also waiting for a response in PKA.
Sorry, my phone was being dumb.
It's fine. They do that often enough. You'd think that they'd know better, I mean, they are smart phones, right?
"War, these phones are smarter than early computers and are capable of high processing power, plus you are able to access the internet as well as the screen being an interface that responds to touch. They are pretty freaking smart."
SF, there's this, this thing out there... you might try and learn a little from it... It's known as sarcasm or a pun...


...And that would have been my inner smart@ss.
"Yeah, it occurred to me right after I posted."
Ah. The grenade effect eh? No worries, happens to us all.
*pokes Kroger wondering if there has been a response from Drac*
*Jabs Morph with a spear in return.*

Mozan don't sound too difficult to stretch for, but they'd have to be Poltergeist or Madness- and Poltergeist or Madness ONLY. This must be understood.

was gonna be poltergeist ... though would still have racial loyalty to the Mozan.
This could be interesting. Perhaps...


Splitters could easily be multidimensional conquerors...

I'm sure you don't want that, Drac, as it would rather screw with your plot. Still, they are apocalyptic...

Would it be permissible for me to bring a recently formed Brotherhood sect devoted to protecting dimensions from annihilation by providing them with knowledge and perhaps soldiers? If so, I just formulated an excellent backstory for them and an excellent way for them to fit into your lovely plot, without making them too OP.
Tell KO it ain't gonna happen unless he brings in two non-Brotherhood characters MINIMUM. The stronger he wants this sect, the more peeps he needs to bring in.

There ya go KO

Oh he also thinks you will enjoy the splitter class. That is when the details are released.

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