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The Splitters, identified by sub-race:

Chrono Splitters:
The obvious leaders, and a good twelve times more intelligent than the other Splitter sub-races combined. Their bodies have started to show their disconnect from front-line combat, becoming pink and spindly.
Eight feet tall, average.
Three hundred year lifespan, average.
Can initiate small jumps forward or backward in time, and have powerful electrical capabilities. Never leave the world-ships.

Drone Splitters:
Stupid and numerous, but, considering they are the first deployed in any combat situation, fast and strong. Their musculature is triple-bound, making them impervious to pain.
Three feet, exact height
Twenty-one years, exact maximum lifespan
Use their claws, teeth, and stolen weapons to make good any combat situation. Be warned: Where one exists, there are always more.

Berserker Splitter
Vicious and conscience-less killers, with a highly sadistic streak. They often are known for dragging someone off alive to enjoy the sound of their tortured cries. These beasts are fast, powerful, and eerily silent when required to be.
Nine feet in height, average
Fifty years of lifespan, exact maximum
Like Drones, have razor-sharp claws and teeth, and often scavenge weapons, but their abilities to become entirely invisible and mimic any sound they've heard make these hunters much more fearsome. Are taking cues from the Zerg Swarm and burrowing underground.

Scourge Splitter
The most deadly fighters among the Splitters, and are the only subspecies to challenge the Chrono Splitters on orders given. Can and often do learn to converse with humans and Protoss, to bring them into their fold.
Thirty-six feet in height, usual (although older specimens can become much larger)
Age unknown
Can reconfigure their limbs to form any weaponry they have previously seen, have manes that cause fierce burning sensations in whatever touches them, and have Zerg-level regeneration. Combine this with a tactical mind and flea-like jumping ability, and you have an amazing killer.
So the reason I can't use Scylla is she is not Swarm Zerg, correct???
Hm... I am uncertain as to the meaning of the reply...

Keep in mind that I may not have time to be super involved with multiple chars.

I'll do a scourge and a protoss. Will submit later.
Alright KO Drac's asks that if you try to remain as involved as you can.
Also he is kind of wondering why you didn't go berserker or chrono splitter.

And mecha you got it.
Awwwwwww, that's kindve lame.
wondering why you didn't go berserker or chrono splitter.

Because I had an interesting idea.
What is this "Game Lord" you speak of?
"Apparently something more powerful than Shadow, who was supposed to be the most powerful Psionic in the universe."

Several raps are heard at a door. Before anyone can answer it the door is decimated. Amon and Sarah Kerrigan walk in. "Can we have a word with Shadow, please?"

"I owe credit to Jester for this for a comment he made in the DA chat some time ago."

To smylez: Basically what SF said, but, to clarify, he's a dimensional anomaly (at least according to Shadow) who puts everyone to shame in terms of power, and is only getting stronger.

To SF: Hah, hah. Hilarious.
Shadow looks up. "You didn't have to destroy my door. It was a nice door."

To KO: Go on.
Amon and Sarah Kerrigan walk in. "Can we have a word with Shadow, please?"

I have often pictured this.

What is this "Game Lord" you speak of?

All powerful. Capable of making a zergling into a small god or turning a god into a zergling. His name is spoken by few, in whispers only, in the shadows... he is the one called...


Posting my submission in a moment.
Brood Mother
As Protoss and Terrans have come to dominate the Sector, the Swarm has been forced to adapt. The olden days of invasion and BLARGRARGARG have gone, and the new days have arrived, careful, quiet, and lethal. When the Queen of Blades departed to seek the ancient, godlike enemy of the Zerg, many broods remained behind, charged with the maintenance of the Swarm in the Koprulu Sector.
A new breed of Brood Mother arose, the Acquirer. These Zerg take their small but highly specialized broods from world to world, seeking powerful essence for the Swarm. Shal'thas has brought much essence to the swarm in her years as an Acquirer. Her quests for new strains have often brought her into conflict with Madness, Poltergeist, and even other broods. Now she seeks the ultimate prize: the essence of one of the ruling Splitter castes.

Who knows?
Invasion Force
THe Scourge have always been willing to question orders, and it is their unique perspective on rebellion that truly makes them so effective at the art of temptation. Melekor founded the Silvertongue subcaste of Scourge, and is a master at confusing enemies, causing them to question their masters, and even at convincing mortal foes to defect to the Splitters. As a result, he has a significant retinue, and its members are a rainbow of races. Melekor never kills an enemy if he thinks they can be turned, with two exceptions:
If they kill a valuable servant, he may forget himself in his anger.
If his life is threatened, his "peaceful, friendly nature" goes out the window.
Melekor does not hesitate to sacrifice expendable servants, particularly other Splitters, but only when he orders it. If he thinks he can save them, he will risk serious bodily harm to protect them. He is slow to fight, preferring "diplomacy," but when provoked is a terrible foe.

Sufficient? May the Brotherhood now join?
Your two characters have been approved and you may bring in the Brotherhood.
All powerful. Capable of making a zergling into a small god or turning a god into a zergling. His name is spoken by few, in whispers only, in the shadows... he is the one called...


I loled.

05/29/2013 04:15 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Amon and Sarah Kerrigan walk in. "Can we have a word with Shadow, please?"

What part of "most powerful psionic in existence" do you not understand KO?

We've already tore SC2 lore a new one when we had Abel (probably even earlier) so why would you expect anyone to follow the established canon?

I see two "meta-universes" at work here regarding our RPs here. Those that closely follow SC2 canon and those that are more artistically licensed and loose.

Also, dat carapace.
Please can I introduce Scylla please????? *puppy eyes*

05/29/2013 04:44 PMPosted by KnarledOne
The olden days of invasion and BLARGRARGARG have gone,

I laughed so hard at this XD
you may bring in the Brotherhood.


Will require time to synthesize dramatic entry.
I'll have my Mozan up later tonight.
“Approximately ninety percent of you will be dead prior to deployment. Eighty percent will be destroyed by enemy anti-air fire before reaching the surface and fifty percent of those that survive will be killed before they can exit their drop-pods.”

The soldiers looked fearfully at one another as the man continued, his voice a mechanical drone produced by the device attached just beneath his chin. Scar tissue extended back from the device around his neck, evidence of the injury that cost him his voice.

“When we arrive on the surface we will assault the enemy position immediately. Group with those who deploy near your position but otherwise do not wait for regrouping. Enemy forces will mobilize immediately to destroy ground teams so move quickly. We will have only a short window of opportunity in which to attack our target. Destroy any gun batteries you encounter if you can do so safely but prioritize reaching the warpgate.”

He paused, seeming to gather himself.

“Of the ten percent that survive to exit their drop-pods a maximum of twenty percent will survive this mission.”

He looked intently at his men’s faces. Did these men really have what it took? Were they really willing to go into a battle where 2% percent was the best possible survival rate?

“Most of you – of us will die. That is certain. It is unnatural to force a man to go into a situation like this.” He inhaled deeply. “Which is why as you know none of you are being forced. Any man who values his life may and should remain behind. As for those of you who will go…”

He gestured with his left hand, his only remaining limb of flesh.

“Step forward. It is your choice.”

Every man stepped forward.

The men thought they saw the faintest hint of a tear form in the corner of the captain’s eye.

“Men I am proud of all of you. You are true heroes.”

The Chairn battleship swung about, coming closer to the planet. Its hull suddenly glowed and flamed as it absorbed an incredible amount of firepower from the brown Ch’dosk world’s surface. It pulled away, having sustained serious damage… but in that time, it dispensed a swarm of small objects: drop-pods.

The captain observed the screen in his pod, watched as blip after blip vanished. He knew each one was a pod with one or more soldiers inside.

An impact shook his pod. Moments later, his pod opened and ejected him onto the planet’s surface.


Luck had always been with him, he thought with a heavy heart.
*Redacted and moved*
Name: Amanda Remington Reaver
Age: 42
Species: Human
Sub-group: N/A merc
Rank: N/A merc
Military specialty: Marksman, Assault, Infiltration, Tech expert
Relevant info: Daughter of Terance Reaver and Alicia Remington. Goddaughter of Stefan Alexander. Twin brother of Apollo James Reaver.
Previous RPs in the Poltergeist vein: None

*Updated Stefan's Char sheet*

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