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They were born shortly after PKASC and they were five during Techsuit and 25 during FOCC.
erm ... hasn't only 53 years passed between Epilogue and PKASC? I thought SF and I already worked that out ...
No PKASC takes place almost 6 years before Techsuit which is followed by FOCC which is twenty years later.
and this is what 25 years after FOCC? SF and I calculated about 8 years between PKASC and Techsuit ... given Korzis is 21 in PKASC and 29 in Techsuit ... unless he or I failed on something ... *goes to look at techsuit and just stops* ... damn, not looking through 7 threads of that sh!t. Korzis is 74 in this and 21 in PKASC ... only 53 years could have passed unless SF and thus myself got something wrong ...
Meh I could be wrong but I am sticking with it.
OK ... *resists urge to continue nitpicking*

Funny thing is, Morph COULD HAVE just said "I want Myra to be part of the PART division", and I would have allowed it, as long as there as some plot development on why a non-human was capable of using one (seeing as the PART interface was human-friendly)

Also CR and Zarkun Drac wishes to know if you are using the following people:

And then there is this from Drac.

Following the events of the Collective Wars (as they are now called), the unit known as the SCAR model became rather widespread, if slightly expensive. These gydroids (as male versions inevitably failed) were passable as human in practically every respect, and usually armed to the teeth (considering that feature didn't cost much to add). At default, SCAR droids stand at 5'6" tall, with platinum hair and crimson eyes, although appearance modification has become the norm. The most expensive new feature, however, is that SCAR droids can be purchased with their driving AI not implanted, instead being given the personality map of any confirmed deceased living being. This feature is outside of most peoples' price ranges, making a "mapper", as they are called, a rare and valuable commodity. In the wake of the Splitters' arrival, some people have tried to sell off their "mappers", to massive uproar from human rights groups.
Limited success has been made on both sides of this argument. What exacerbates the issue is the standard obedience chip, which even mappers carry, forcing them to carry out any direct order given by their owner.
Kinda late on this one but.....Can I bring Xin in without 40k fluff and intervention?

Edited due to popular demand.
06/02/2013 09:13 AMPosted by Galvian

is that supposed to say without?...
Name: Scylla
Age: Unknown
Race: Zerg
Sub-group: Swarm Zerg
Specialty:Troop Command
Relevant Info: She was a simple Hydralisk until at ome point in her life as a lab specimen she was injected with some of the DNA of the Overmind. She grudgingly joined the Swarm to help fight Amon and has been in alliance ever since. This is mostly due to the fact if she tried to leave she would get killed and due to the fact that she often will provide and be provide with new Strains. She and her 2 Broods currently reside hidden from all but the Swarm on the cave ridden rock known as Tordias
Previous RPs: None

Name: Frakala
Age: 18
Race: Drone
Subgroup: Invasion Force
Rank: Drone Commander??
Specialty: Commanding Troops
Relevent Info: Smarter than the average Drone Frakala was given command over a large number of Drones due to his good tactical mind (Well for a Drone). He is Infamous for strapping explosives onto his troops so when they de they will take many an enemy out or in some cases he will order kamikaze runs.
OK ... mozan are generally human in form so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch. I'll work it out when I get home though.
BTW, a head's up when designing Apollo, keep in mind that Alicia's hair is naturally blonde. (She perma-dyed it black with red streaks a number of years before the start of Second Class)

ALSO, what is Terance's natural hair color?...
I'll keep that in mind, thanks.
didn't feel like replacing old char sheet ...

Name/all accepted aliases: Myra 'Huntress' Tyraz
Age: 20
Species: Mozan
Sub-group: Poltergeist
Rank: N/A, PART division
Military specialty: Hunter, Stealth, Ranged Support, Field Repair
Relevant info: Uses a high powered plasma Bow and twin combat knives. Myra is the first non-human (since hybrids apparently count as human) to become a member of the PART Division of Poltergeist. A group of Mozan and Poltergeist, specifically PART Division, scientists worked together on a special suit for Myra that would allow her to use the PART Division mechs. The suit is skin tight and shows off her body but provides unparalleled defense and better strength enhancement than most full sized power armor suits. It also houses a Mozan Infiltrator cloaking device powerful enough to hide her mech while she is using it (Hides scent and acts as normal cloak). (Not quite sure how to say the Suit works but perhaps that could be covered in the RP?)
Previous RPs in the Poltergeist vein: None
Apollo is made. War, you remembered that they're twins, right?
Double checking.
Zarkun you never really answered Drac's question.

Also CR and Zarkun Drac wishes to know if you are using the following people:

Also Galvin you do realize that Xin would be rather old correct? This is about 70 some odd years after PKA.

Morph you need a battle partner still.

War and Zark the Reaver twins are approved/preapproved.

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