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guess I'll go with Ivan unless something comes up ...
I'll make him appear now and then unless he has something else planned.
Well he was wanting to know because of the two SCARs that Kayle has.
I know. Most likely.
Did Drac approve my 2 characters???
Yes Mecha.

Name: Apollo James Reaver

Age: 42

Species: Human

Sub-group: Mercenary

Rank: N/A

Military Specialty: Rapid Assault, Blademaster, Urban Assault Specialist, Expert Hacker

Relevant Info: Son of Terance Reaver and Alicia Remington and twin to Amanda Remington Reaver. Godson to Stefan Alexander.

Previous RPs in the Poltergeist Vein: N/A

Here we go.
Woot. Made edits to Stefan and Amanda.

Also, should either of them have access to any of their parents powers?
I was gonna go with Apollo having minor psionics and his dad's strength, hair, and sword. Debating on the Kai...
Should I give Amanda her mom's empatics?
That's up to you. Would make sense to me. Should also give her one of her weapons.
Nah. Amanda's getting a number of gifts from Stefan. His battle rifle and a 12" utility/combat knife. (And Apollo gets one as well.)

Stefan is switching out his battle rifle for a plasma carbine and a dragonfire splinter flechette auto-shotgun.
Fair enough. Just thought it made sense.
And bump for those that need the reminder or have forgotten about this.

Should be starting in a few days.
Well Raven we are awaiting the character that you intend to use, that is if you do join anyway.
Slightly surprised though that no one has tried to make a Berserker Splitter. More surprised that SF hasn't made one really...
Kroger: CR likely won't join. he won't even freaking be the DM he SHOULD BE in PKASC. hell beyond Zanon's PRP Bar I haven't seen a post from him in quite a while.
He's got three days to begin DMing again in PKASC then I'll take his spot the best I can. However, there's a fair bit riding on him.
Last bump for a bit.
Monsieur Raven is here as requested... I should take Owl to Hooters... that would be so funny as it's kinda in his namesake.

*I poke at this screen delicately as now I have to wait on the waiting who was waiting on me and I'm quite curious what he has to say. In fact... it's quite a doozy! DANCE MINION DANCE!*

*A minion dances for my amusement before I kill it, it's body turning into a red gooey mass of Jello! BLOODY AND IRONY AND SALTY!*


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