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Monsieur Raven is here as requested... I should take Owl to Hooters... that would be so funny as it's kinda in his namesake.

*I poke at this screen delicately as now I have to wait on the waiting who was waiting on me and I'm quite curious what he has to say. In fact... it's quite a doozy! DANCE MINION DANCE!*

*A minion dances for my amusement before I kill it, it's body turning into a red gooey mass of Jello! BLOODY AND IRONY AND SALTY!*

I think he meant that there was something for you to respond to?
Oh, there was? O.O
06/25/2013 11:00 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Oh, there was? O.O
Idk. He asked if you had responded yet on dA, I said I would check. Not sure what you needed to respond to though.
*looks at steel* we should finish the triplets tonight :D

Ahem CR read the previous page mainly the posts from Kroger.
Well Raven we are awaiting the character that you intend to use, that is if you do join anyway.
Slightly surprised though that no one has tried to make a Berserker Splitter. More surprised that SF hasn't made one really...
we shall finish them tonight...
I already said I would join. Unless making the sheet is the question? I know that he can start without me while I set up my sheet, it's just that with certain circumstances through events in other RP's... things change with certain characters, most specifically Cynthia.
Well Raven we are awaiting the character that you intend to use, that is if you do join anyway.

*Shakes head*

Oh dear...
*I summon my trollino* yep steel has one and I have two also ... these are the three Tari is currently pregnant with in PKA
...You realize that they're going to be in their 50s, right?
"They have Protoss DNA. Korzis is in his seventies and is still a strong fighter, his father Zaros has unknown DNA and is more than capable of handling himself in combat."

Fair enough.
06/25/2013 01:21 PMPosted by Warhawk
You realize that they're going to be in their 50s, right?

yep but SF makes a good point they are still part Protoss thanks to Tari.
Withdrawing application.
Dacder my only question is why?
Will make modifications if necessary

Name/all accepted aliases: Victoria Wolfe
Age: 53 (looks to be about 20)
Species: Terran/Protoss Hybrid
Sub-group: Poltergeist
Rank: (not sure what to put here)
Military specialty: Infiltration, Medic
Relevant info: Silver hair with Protoss psi-tendrils mixed in and generally hidden like her twin sister and mother. She and her twin sister also inherited their mother's eyes. She is the oldest in the group of triplets formed by herself, her sister Tina and her brother Daniel. Victoria uses twin warp katanas a Terrorwind silenced pistol and a KT-7 'Stormwind' Assault Rifle. She also inherited her fathers love for medicine and has trained extensively in the field of medicine as well as combat. Both wear a STLH-7 'Apparition' Hostile Environment Stealth Combat Suit.

Name/all accepted aliases: Sylvaria 'Sylv, Sylva, Sylvia' Wolfe
Age: 53 (Looks to be 20)
Species: Terran/Protoss Hybrid
Sub-group: Poltergeist
Rank: (not sure what to put)
Military specialty: Infiltration and Assault
Relevant info: Looks exactly like her twin sister Victoria. Sylvaria uses two khaydarin crystal imbued braclets that allow for a myriad of psionic/void energy melee weapons, a terrorwind silenced pistol and a MR-20 'Ripper' Assault Rifle(Equiped with Rip-field mines).
Previous RPs in the Poltergeist vein: PKASC
Name- Daniel Wolfe
Age- 53
Faction- Poltergeist
Previous rp – PKASC
Race- 2/3 human 1/3 Protoss
Skills- Mechanics, Electronics, hand to hand combat training, EMT training and Cooking
Appearance- About 5’11” shaved head with a long mustache and goatee. Hair is grayish sliver he is also very muscular with blue eyes. Looks early 20s
Weapons- Rocket pod (marauder weapon modified to fire rockets not grenades.) Flame throw built under the rocket pod.
.50 hunters pistol and hand to hand
Armor- MHF-3 armor an upgraded version of Marauder armor easier to put on and take off

Back Story- Daniel being the last born of the triplets devoted most of his life to studying Technology for weapons and armor plus body building. When he was born everyone believed he was still born but he was not. He somehow slept though his birth which would set the tone for his time as a child. When he turned 22 he did freelance work with his father Samuel as a mercenary. When he turned 30 he devoted all of his time to studying and working out while working on his family’s farm.

Will change where needed
Will post other char sheets after PKA 2 is done.
Whew! I thought this had started already and I had missed it. Glad to see otherwise.

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