Sherlock TV series used BNET SFX

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So I was watching episode 2 of Sherlock (BBC TV series) on one monitor and Starcraft open on another. I was confused when I heard the UI SFX but I wasn't doing anything, and then I realized it was from the show. You can hear BNET UI sounds in the scene right at 30 min in the second episode, they used the sounds that you hear when you cue up games or enter lobbies.
Yes !!! I noticed it too during the 3rd episode of Sherlock (when he explains why the Golem killed the guy on the beach). I thought I was alone with this theory... :D
I've always enjoyed trying to spot reused sound effects in movies. You see them a lot; animal roars and human scream (like the famous Wilhelm Scream) are particularly common. Explosions too. I was delighted to hear a Dune 2000 Siege Tank blast go off in a movie recently.

Also, this thread has been in the grave for over a year now. Shame on you. O_-

...and me. Oops.
Did you spot SC2 sound effects in other movies / tv shows ?
"Le Petit Journal", a French funny tv show, also used the SC2 theme.
Cant think of any specific examples but I swear Ive heard sc1 sfx in multiple movies, tv shows and music tracks. Specifically Ive heard the terran academy scream, and the the marine and medic death screams.

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