Is it normal to go DTs and build cannon?

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Is it normal to go DTs and build 2 cannons in your base?
I played a game where I proxied DTs and my opponent went in base Dark Shrine, and he happened to make TWO cannons near his minerals and they warped in right as my DTs got to his base. I watched the replay he didn't scout my proxies.

I understand he could have counted that there was one pylon missing but TWO cannons?
I have never seen people build blind cannons in the pro-scene, understanding that if it was anything else they would be incredibly behind.

Perhaps maphack? Not sure tho.
Its possible the other person was using maphacks. However, if he scouts you going fast double gas and notices a missing pylon. The builds that go with that is proxy stargate and hidden dts. So cannons can save him from oracles and dts. So it's likely after he saw double gas and missing pylon he just laid down cannons to defend the two builds you were most likely doing that could kill him.
Well he probably was thinking "Ok so the only proxy viable with this much gas is oracle or dt's." simple right. cannons counter both.
Some people who go DTs blindly build Cannons as well just to give them the autowin in case the opponent also goes DTs.

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