What is your favourite zerg unit?

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ZERLINGS!! The reason why i fall for zerg~
Ever? Lurkers, 2nd favorite Defiler, 3rd favorite old Air Queen w/spawn broodlings.

Campaign: Brutalisk

SC2: 1 supply Roach, new buffed Queen

Hots: Faster Hydra
ZERLINGS!! The reason why i fall for zerg~

I like lings too!
Hydralisk. Weak unit, but LOOKS really cool.

I have made two videos demonstrating why they are my favourite unit:
Raptorling for obvious reasons
Zergling. Personally, I find it more iconic to the race than the Hydralisk. I can't think of a Zergier unit; the way they mass up, the way they run around, the way they surround... heck, they even have ZERG in their name.
Plus, they're just more fun than Hydras.

Their name screams badass into the hearts of the terran and protoss, even in their nightmares.
Their appearance is so intimidating and awesome the way they lurk through the air and such,
Their abilities make key units helpless, or even the whole enemy army helpless.

Too bad I can never use them in any of my MUs because they're so situational huh.
tie between zergling and overlord

when i get OL speed
it's my fave :p
Ultralisks may have caused me pain sometimes because of my piss poor micro, but may god do they look awesome, in cinematics and in game!
Swarmhost. It's one of the most unique units in the game (similar to broodlords, but nowhere near the same) IMO. A few of the air units are/were pretty unique for the game (old voidray, raven, carrier), but nothing else zerg related is all that unique.
Mine's the Roach. I use it way too often though, after being told they aren't so great and only belong in certain situations. I constantly fall back to Roaches as my go to unit when I panic and don't know what to do.
I love hydra since BW even do it sucks so badly now.
Zergling or Swarm Host.
Both allow Zerg to actually feel swarmy.
Both are insanely good if used correctly, and terrible if used poorly.
I love the hydralisk art and the look.

But, as for what unit I love to max out on? Ultralisks for sure.
Changelings, can go through a whole enemy base and they won't know it.
Infested Terran

The reason why I lose games, I just love making them so much.

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