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steel makes a good suggestion. also please remove fortress of solitude.
I'm going for super soldier like "In your face! Oh wait. You don't have one anymore!"

Darnit how bout a heavy nerf? I'll adjust it immediately and you can check.
... sorry but no. please no supersoldiers ... well trained and strong sure but not like what you are doing ... the character is OK but the abilities are just ... no you're hitting a level of OP I'm not going to allow.
Well what can i keep and to what extent?
change Press the attack to Rally Cry or something similar no regen.
Fortress of Solitude remove
you can keep the enhanced reflexes and double regen speed from Augmented anatomy but change the name and remove the rest.
you can leave the skill sets as they are
Why do you want me to change the name? My backstory will show how he got it. Also I really like the name fortress of solitude for some reason so i'm going to use the same name but change what it is ok?

Sorry I'm being difficult but I just want to make a char that is memorable and relatively unique in his opness.
*shrug* OK you can leave it until I see your back story I guess.
Name: Sentry #193206
Race: Protoss (Machine)
Age: N/A
Skill Set(s) and/or primary field(s) of training: Support
Abilities: Guardian Shield, Hallucination, Nano-Repair (Machines only, no self-repair), Forcefield
Appearance: Appears like the Nullifier:
Equipment: Purifier Lightning Gun, Sentry-variant Support Drone
Backstory: Upgraded variant of the standard Sentry Drone, designed to be sent on the expedition. Enhanced shielding and support modules make the drone a useful support machine.
Jester: OK will be added

Galvian ... trying to keep the characters as not OP as I can.
please remove Fervor and no to the enhanced and organs and reinforced bone structure from Augmented Anatomy.
Out of curiousity, what kind of weapons can I use?
doesn't matter terribly but please don't be mainly melee.
Galvian the entire Emporer's hand ability (not just the name) remove it now!
if you keep this up Galvian you are being out right denied until you make a reasonable character.
But I like melee...fine, I'll tweak my person a bit.
Zark no offence but if you go only melee you will be repeatedly shot with a stunner before you even reach the first enemies ... a plasma pistol or two will do fine.
I was actually gonna go with twin SMGs.
eh that works too.

Galvian all abilities gone ALL OF THEM!!!
Ok this is starting to give me a headach. Galvian here is a suggestion for your char.

Weapons: Plama Gun or lazor maybe large cal rifle
Albilities: multi Grenades : like smoke chemical fire and frag
Sim Shot: Increased reg rate, attack speed and strength. Temp boast maybe 2 or 3 action posts
Aura of the beast: Increased attack rate to anyone who is near him.
Dead eye: able to snipe and do crit damage to an enemy.

Cap was looking at your charater too. I would think instead of medical personal why not a chemist? That would be good for combat and non-combat and will make it so you aren't a medic thus not overwhelming this rp with medics.
Sorry i couldn't respond immediately. I'm in China currently and it's 4 in the morning and i just woke up again.
... Galvian ... what the hell are you doing on here then?
Why the hell not? Everyone is asleep lol. And ok I'll redo all my abilities. Wait can i keep press the attack? I'll change it up just a lil.

Haven't gone to sleep yet since I'm still jet lagged.

I will look back at your post right down there for balance suggestions so just fire away.

Underarmor - I'm thinking that the neural interface will allow full control over almost all sorts of armor as well as perhaps connect himself to other interfaces to hack or whatever.

Press the attack activation was changed.
Adrenaline surge removed.
What about Indomitable presence?

I'd like to stick with what i have now except for overfit for duty.
strange one ... you should be asleep as well ... probably at least ...\

Galvian ... you are denied and Steel has offered to give you some suggestions on what to do for abilities please listen to him

Adrenaline surge was too strong

Press the Attack did not need to be renamed just the way it was activated.

Underarmor ... maybe

still please listen to steel for ideas

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