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Ok from what I'm understanding is your ablility list is what is keeping you denied. I will make a list of ideas that shouldn't be too op or up.

Multi-grenades: Able to use and carry chemical,smoke,frag,fire,emp and plasma grenades.
stim shot: Injects self with a stim that increases attack speed, health regn, attack damage and finally speed. max 3 action posts
Aura of the warrior: boasts near by attack speeds of allies
Dead Eye: Able to crit shot with any gun when sniping max once every 2 posts.
Charge: Charges into enmies rushing them and knocking them over min-damage dealt.
Honed Reflexes: Increase Reflexes being able to move faster and dodge some incoming fire.
Beserker: More damage he takes the more damage he deals untill he is knocked down.
high Agro: Enemies tend to see him before everyone else and prone to attacking him more often.
Sensor pack: Able to detect unseen things.
Last stand: The lower his health the more damage it takes to harm him. <-- will have max and crits will still do full damage.

Ok that should do it for a good list now for armor maybe if you can talk morph into it your armor can take more damage.
You can almost say Underarmor is last stand.
Aura of the warrior and high aggro built into Indomitable presence
Rite of War is fine now as far as I see that Morph sees
Underarmor can be hacked to mess with my internal systems. Boom nerfed.
Overfit for duty will have to go but Honed Reflexes as steel has it above is a good replacement. I guess Underarmor is good ... same with Indomitable presence ... I think ...
Do you think I'd be asking to much to have Underarmor to just be like my armor and not an ability?

Btw added Last Bastion It's going to be a situational passive ability that procs mostly when Indomitable Presence forces a 1v1
no its fine. and you really don't need four abilities that is just the limit.

Name: Edmond Jr. Van Lynn Hathway Baez
Race: Terran
Age: 27
Rank: PhD
Skill Set(s) and/or primary field(s) of training: Chemist, Xeno-biologist and cataloger extraordinaire.
1) Cower- Cower in fear, lowering his aggro
2) Play dead- Plays dead and lowers his heart rate drastically, lowering his aggro
3) Misdirection- Causes the enemy to attack another person
4) Volatile Compounds- throws a vial/canister of some substance for a variety of effects
Equipment: His data pad running on solar energy and vials on his belt. Also his brains and carries a pistol with a single bullet.

Edmond Jr. Van Lynn Hathway Baez loved exploring the natural order of things and discovering new things, be it species or working with chemicals. In his time working in the military, he has been traumatized by the horrors of war and the experiments he performed. As such, he has a phobia of fighting and will flee from carnage at the first sight.

For the most part, if it isn't a battle, Edmond Jr. Van Lynn Hathway Baez will eagerly chat with anyone caring to hear about his new found observations with the various indigenous population and his lab work.
smylez ... can't tell if that is supposed to be a troll or not ...
I am always serious.
so two non-combatives?
... OK ... I'll have to think ... everyone will likely be seeing at least some combat.

*sigh* OK smylez accepted but if you do something stupid you're getting terminated.
Edited again. Added Relentless assault. I'm up for alot of suggestions on that, because I'm not sure if i want it to be single target complete rip your face off or an aoe kind of rush through and tackle them down.
Relentless assault: make it one or two (if close together) enemies and only 2 attacks.
*sigh* OK smylez accepted but if you do something stupid you're getting terminated.

Challenge accepted.
Uh-huh ... what ever ... got the three main NPCs up as well as my own char that will be participating. only the one.
"Got my back story up. I am also going to explain the Blood Rifle a bit. A rifle that fires 12mm crimson metal shards at high speeds. After about fifteen seconds these shards will explode into many pieces, all the damage coming from fragmentation, so if they have entered near an important organ, they will destroy it. I can remove the explosion for this blood rifle in particular if you wish."
eh ... it'll be fine ... might leave off some what you have in the app ... but accepted.
*Sound of screaming and glass breaking in background*

Wait, so I just landed on a roleplay like a bantha, and someone gives me a tip? Strange.

In all seriousness though, thanks.
(Editing new char sheet into this post.)

Name: Enifin Shargage (En-if-in Shar-gauge)
Race: Human
Age: 46, looks like he is in his earlier forties
Skill Set: Herbalist, Genealogist, Bladesman
Blade Dance: Bringing out his knife, Enifin begins to enter into a trance, his blows landing heavier and faster until an apex of power is acheived.
Herb Lore: After some experimentation Enifin can discover most properties of a plant.
Pestle-Hilt: Enifin can create basic medicine by crushing and dicing herbs with his swords. Also known to make sashimi.
Herbal Modification: Enifin can track a being's lineage back and regress the plant or animal back to that day and age, given enough time.
Appearance: Soft green eyes, black hair with some white showing through. Hard face, although the mouth is capable of making it seem softer.
Equipment: (3) Sharpened sword, (5) Strengthened Knife, Several pouches, gauntlet, breath mask, mortar (Medical version), Water purifier, Scalpel, 5 pairs of clothes, all camoflague for different terrain.
Backstory: Found a tropical planet, Enifin claims he was only inspecting the local fauna and flora. His pouches held substances that could heal or poison most of the beasts, made only from local flora.
*sigh* we really need more combat personnel or they are all going to end up being NPC which I don't like. from now on NO MORE NONCOMBAT PERSONNEL! and you basically made a medic without saying it is a medic ... *derpface* your char is good for the most part but seriously less medical stuff please. I know an herbalist isn't a medic but ... whatever an herbalist will still be helpful but make it more combat capable ... even my Computer tech is combat capable
You do know my medic is a combatant, right? Just making sure.
yes I do ... but we currently have 2-4 non combatant characters (Magneton is semi-noncombat and if I accept Enifin as is he will also be semi-noncombat ... really need him to be fully combat capable. then there is smylez char ... eh he'll likely get captured and ea ... killed on the first mission or two ...)

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