Game Hangs when Alt+Tabbing Into Game

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Since I first installed it I'm able to alt tab out of the game to my desktop without issue, however when I attempt to alt tab back into the game it will hang, sometimes for up to 30 seconds. I'm curious if anybody else has experienced this issue and what they've done to fix it.

System Specs
Windows 7 - 64bit
Intel Core i7 920 Bloomfield - 2.67Ghz
6gb DDR3 RAM
ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series Video Card
Can you check if your in windowed mode in the options?
Sorry, forgot to include that, I'm playing in Fullscreen mode.
Mine does the same thing...

win 7 64
amd x4 964
4gig ram
ati 5830

i think it's my hard drive though 5400rpm
mine ends up going to "not responding" after that
I updated my graphics card drivers from ones released on 9.21.2009ish to the most recent ones, that helped out some. It used to be that after a while the game would never recover, even if I left it for a few minutes, I'd have to kill it from Task Manager then restart it. With the most recent drivers it seems to take it about 5 to 10 seconds to recover but it's still very annoying :).
Wait for 60-120 seconds. Your computer (mainly GPU) is trying to process the new load of application command requests at the same time, because it is instantly being re-loaded. It's similar to the loading screen for when you start Starcraft II, but instead the loading screen is a temporary black screen.

Try running Starcraft II in Windowed mode, look at the Performance tab in Task Manager. Minimize the application and then maximize. Does the CPU usage jump?
CPU Usage increases from 4% to 16% on average, so you're saying there's no fix and I just have to deal with it?
That, or lower your graphic settings. It won't have as much to process and get you back into the game faster.
As long as it's working as intended then I'm fine with that I guess. I only alt tab at the main menu, seems weird that it would take that long to render the menu screen with all the brand spankin new components I have on this computer.
One of my buddies showed me that this problem goes away if you play windowed fullscreen.

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