-THE- ALL-IN Roach Rush Toss... can stop :(

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I've never faced this. Can someone try this against me? I want to see how a normal roach warren reaction (no forge) works against it.

Scythe #755
Isn't there a player in the GSL who does 4 sentry as his standard opener? I saw it last week; he got eliminated due to mis-micro, but his standard opener was 4 sentry. So I guess some people do open in such a way.

Can't remember his name, I'll look it up later.
Are u talking about the game with fake boxer? where he missed a ff and lost the game. That was babybyebye (Sang Ho)
also, is every thread in these forums like this? the amount of @*%!**ry is unbelievable.
Yeah I was talking about him.
Just watched a replay, I think a big giveaway is that you did not send in a drone to scout, I think this should set off red flags on any good 1v1 that says " hmm this guy isn't scouting me". Second had he scouted you moving your queen it's a dead giveaway. I also think more zealots would def better. Also toss should bring his probes in to help if this is at his door.

Are you trying to take credit for what the evo chamber program found?

It's exactly the same b/o you provided.

Here is the original found tl link: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=160231

Diamond with 515points.

I don't think so.

Any all in is a BAD idea no matter how solid it may seem imo. A good plan always has a back up plan involved.

Not when it works pretty consistently. Did you read the whole post?

Also leaving 1-2 drones back at base, especially mining minerals, helps a lot if you need to send another roach or just make drones as a back-up. He'll have to pull workers regardless so even if he *does* somehow manage to hold it off, honestly how much ahead is he going to be? Not very much.

Scary stuff when used properly.
I wondered why all these zerg players were trying early roach into muta against me. I only lost to it once, as zerg this is build is stoppable.
What about a complete wall fast tech to void ray/phoenix? As long as you have a couple chrono's saved for the first void you should be able to start nuking roaches before they get to the probe line. After two voids transition to phoenix to neutralize any hydra/queen counter (plus queued forward those phoenix's will be in the fight plenty quick. Anyone seen this at diamond level?
so you played a bunch of games vs horst where he shut down all in 7RR and yet you dont post a single one of those replays? god i hate these forums
The 4-sentry opening also hard counters this build by the way.
Aint seen that anywhere off the Korean ladder though.
I use this strategy as my open pretty often, and I'm really surprised after reading through the posts that no one mentions the usage of an overlord to gain sight up the ramp(both against protoss and terran). This allows your roaches to take shots at the buildings blocking the ramp and either destroy them or force the enemy down to fight you. You don't need to go up the ramp and get FF'd by sentries, which seems to be protoss' main defense against 7RR. I generally don't use it as an all in, but rather as a way to get a leg up. If it works really well, it wins the game for me. If not, it gives me an advantage and I start focusing on economy while he panics to make immortals/void rays/whatever. It is admittedly more difficult vs terran, but unless he has marauders out, you're going to be able to do some good harassment. It also doesn't hurt to be able to micro your roaches around in order to finish off a building and avoid losing units. Hope this gives you guys some ideas.
Oh my god. Just let this thread die please.
I know this is an old topic but a new strategy to me. I am primarily a Terran and Protoss player, however I am seeking a few achievement points as Zerg 1v1 and have used this Roach Rush All-In and I am mid-silver and so far i am 4 for 4 with this against all Protoss and they seem to have no clue what to do when they see this at their base.

Some scout and some don't. The big strength of this rush are two fold. You are at their base in under 5 minutes and usually catch a toss in transition from level 1 units into either an early expo if he is going VR or Colsi or he decided to build a few extra gates. When they scout the gas goes down at 15 so most of the time the scout has already left or sometimes I will run him off with a drone. Last note I would like to add to this is that I have encountered a toss with 5 stalkers and 1 Zealot and he went all in with his drones and was still unable to stop this rush. He kept it going till just about 9 minutes than he gave up. I leave at least 3 drones at my base because it allows me to add 4 more roaches to the fray if they put up a fight. I think it's an op rush and can be countered by a block with 3-4 cannons but with that investment the zerg is going to 2 base fast expand if he is smart and hit you with 30 roaches shortly or possibly go full on Mutie and your econ is way behind because of the early cannons. When I send my queen I send my first 3 roaches with it and the last 4 follow 50 seconds later so the queen doesn't get sniped by a few advancing units. I have yet to face Terran but I don't see how a terran would deal with this, since either they have invested into a factory and are trying to get their first tank out or they have dropped a tech lab and invested in Bio upgrade and may have 1 maurder and 3-4 marines and take a huge loss of supply at their entrance when I get there.
I was using 7RR (still using it when I'm not warmed up) against Protoss and Terran, but I ran into a string of either sentry/stalker or marauder walls like they were expecting it. I lost a ton in a row and then some. I'm breaking away from it into a more traditional speedling opener.
Your in Gold leagues they most likely are expecting it. I am in mid silver I don't think they know what to make of it. I have lost exactly one match using it out of 7 and it was against a zerg and I had a feeling at the start that I should not try it. Live and Learn.
Because this strategy is new to me, so I thought since there is a thread about it I might as well post here.
I'm so tired of these "you're terrible" troll comments. What is it with these personal attacks? Stay on the topic!

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