Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXXI

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Steel and I are busy on SC so ... chars on Auto and I really think this will just be removed but whatever ... also this hasn't been approved by the DMs so ... *shrug* off to sc for me.
You make me sad, son.
*gives not a crap*
I place my face into my hands.
"Oh blast it I'm sorry, I don't know what I was thinking. Yes we can make a stockpile of the resources for multiple. I was planing on doing so anyway so if I fault on one or it doesn't work how I want it to then I can just make more."

War when you get a chance to reply to this please do.
The sound of gunfire sounds out of a corridor to Shir's left, but are cut off as a door slams shut.

Those arriving in the hangar find drones prepping shuttles.
IC: I walked into the hangar as i see the drones go to work. "freakin hell sh!t just had to go down didn't it" i growl
Security bots begin to usher those still not at the hangar towards that destination.
wouldn't the students be trying to help? and if not mine at least would grab their ships instead of taking the stupid shuttles ...
As the last of the students enters the hangar, the doors slam shut. A hum goes through the air, and the shimmer of force-fields appears over each entryway.

Well, that went much better than expected, to be honest. Glad you
all could make it.
I look around the hanger and glare up towards one of the cameras.
"What the hell is going on here?"
Knarled, I can't post much tonight because I lost track of time... To busy killing Imperial scum and Chaos heretics... Anyway... I'm guessing this involves Seven and I have no idea what the hell is going on? Note me on DA, your plot has been suspended until I understand what you are trying to do. If I decide to keep or remove it.

Tomorrow is my last day of school.
Ha, Terance is on his ship in orbit making a private call.
"I am very skeptical of this idea Knarled, but still unsure. On one hand it could prove a distraction, on the other hand, I just am not liking the idea much."
You get to kill SevEN... If you play your cards right...

"I know another way to terminate Seven anyways, so..."
Well, if you don't like it you can annul it. Want to see how it plays out?

And Zarkun, I'm aware of that. Thought it could be interesting.
"It will be nulled for now, Knarled."

Arianna glares at Destron. "You're pet shouldn't have done that, Zerg." Destron finds his connection with Razortooth completely severed. Not a second after Razortooth strikes at Destron, its eyes glowing silver, and Arianna smiles. "I could do worse, but I think I'll take a break from that for a while."
I give Arianna a curious look. "Mind control? Did you do that by magical means, or otherwise? I've never seen someone seize control that quickly before."

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