Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXXI

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magical means

You answered your own question...

I cannot wait to read 100+threads of this universe.
"Not exactly magic, but pretty close. We call it Psionic powers, more commonly known as psychic powers a while back, but Psionics is more varied. I have focused my Psionics almost purely on mind manipulation. Not to mention that was an extremely weak minded creature, primarily because it was Zerg, but also because it was a minion." Arianna replies, her smile still showing as Razortooth viciously attacks Destron. "My brothers are more focused on combat and stealth applications."

"I just realized that Arianna fits the role of the Mage, Brian the role of the Assassin, and Zaros the role of the Warrior/Battle-mage."
OOC : wait so no alarms and stuff?
correct that all never happened. resume what you were doing before.
Shir slowly strolled out of the cafe, going for a walk around the premises.

Hydrilk lazily slithered out of his den.

Tyr'Dhiram wanders around.
I lick the back of Dante's neck again as my hands rub his shoulders.

"Sam ... are you up for a bit of an experiment tonight?" I ask rolling onto my side and propping my head up on my hand.
IC: "Thanks Serenity. You're the best girlfriend a guy could ask for" i say smiling, just enjoying the massage.
IC: "What do you have in mind sweetheart?" Sam asks while finishing his report.
Dhiram queries the computer as to a teacher's location and sends a message to Korzis' pda.

I believe there was a processing error. My room is not listed.
I smile and lightly nip the back of his neck my hands working down his back working out kinks as I find them. "Thank you."

"Something that should prove fun for both of us ... if you are willing." I smile softly.
IC: "Sounds like a plan.. How are you feeling now?" Sam say turning to her.
IC: "So you've pretty much heard everything about me but..... what was your past like?"
"I'm feeling fine a little disturbed about earlier though."

"It was ... OK I guess. I was always kind of small for my age until I was about 10 years old. Didn't have a lot of friends for much of my life back home and got picked on a good deal but it didn't matter terribly I just ignored it. I do believe that you terrans have a saying 'What does not destroy me only makes me stronger' right?"
IC: "Just a little bit of morning sickness. Make sure to stay hydrated and take a rest everyonce in awhile. Don't forget to kiss your soon to be husben every once in awhile too." Sam says leaning close to Tari as he checks her pulse.
IC: I chuckle "that's pretty much what the spectre process was like..... but sadly 90 percent of the forced participants got destroyed. Even though the process made me stronger it killed me on the inside. But after escaping i adapted, healed over time. now i'm the thick headed, arrogant, and risk taking boyfriend you have now"
I smile and kiss Sam. "OK I will."

"Huh ... OK ..."
IC: I get up "well thanks for the massage." i say before aiming my hand at the ground as electricity arks toward it. "hmm no pain. thats good"
I wander aimlessly around the halls my mind wandering.

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