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The story takes place in the magical land of Fantasiora (pronounced Fan-taz-i-o-ra). Where the ever spanning forest is greener than mother nature and the celestial beauty is unrivaled. Humans populated this world in peace, the perfect kind of paradise. That is until they found the magical element of Fantasia. It changed its form into whatever the user desired at the time, weapons, crafting tools, you name it. Once your desired form was chosen it would forever stay like that. This created magical items beyond comprehension as Fantasiora was led into an age of discovery and industrialization. Than...... Happened the end of time. Aside from the humans, the animals, the elementals, and other magical beings was a powerful force. The ancient being known only as “The Wise”. It awoke from its deep slumber, it wanted complete destruction, wherever its biological seed went lands died and perished, the people transformed and changed. Fantasiora was dying, slowly loosing its life. But the leaders of the humans at the time combined all their power, with all the Fantasia they discovered they molded it into one giant crystal tower which extended to space. On it held a giant crystal orb swirling with celestial colours..... The “Orb of Life”. It drove back the Wise and its decay, obliterating it as the land got its beauty and life back. But the Wise used the human’s own defense against them, embedding its power into some of the undiscovered Fantasia around the world. This type of Fantasia is known as “Chaos Fantasia”. Whoever touched the Chaos Fantasia was transformed into a powerful warrior with the power of the Wise who could spread its chaos once more. In the present Fantasiora is in a time of steampunk technology, as the people have learned how to live without Fantasia. The world was back in a state of peace, but unbeknownst to the people that peace would not last......

other stuff will be posted soon please tell me if you are interested so far
Present Day:
You are excited, sweat beading down your face as you waited in line. All that pleading and begging has finally come to light as your parents finally allowed you to get it..... Your Adventuring License. Every since you were a little boy you’ve wanted to explore the world outside the walls of your city. The day after you hit the minimum age requirement of 18 you had rushed to the city hall to get your License. Many guilds have set up shop near the city hall, hoping to lure new adventurers into their ranks but you had no time for that right now. It was finally your turn as you step up to the registration desk, the receptionist beamed at you as she spoke.
“Well aren’t you a young one! Welcome to the world of adventuring friend. After you fill out these beginning questions you can go out into the world and explore. So what is your name young one?”
You eagerly reply to the question.
“18” you answer
“Are you planning on joining a guild?”
“don’t know yet”
You give her a baffled look for having to ask such a simple question but reply.
The receptionist prints something out and hands it to you. It was your license. This was by far the happiest moment of your life! You wanted to whoop for joy, as your future was bright and what lay outside the walls were now within your grasp.....

Sign up sheet:
=RPer Name=

either a type of steampunk weapon like guns or a mech but note the size is 2 times that of a human with its own weapon sets.

Fantasia weapons which are either ranged or melee or if acceptable use your imagination and mix it up a little(do a gunblade or something :P)

Abilities(2 for now. Passive and/or on use):
Other info:

I am also considering letting 1 or 2 RPers use dark Fantasia but let me know as fast as you can for this is a first come first serve basis.
I'd like to request permission for an older character. Got Fire Emblem on the brain.
mkay. can you also make a good intro for it then?
Name: Unknown. Dubbed "Wanderess"
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Weapons: Horror Axe, Yumi Bow
Horror Axe: A tall axe. The blade has a thick start around the shaft, with there being a horrible skeletal face carved into that, and becomes thinner quickly once it is but four inches from the edge. The edge itself is angled, instead of being a straight ninety, it is a ninety five degree angle. This axe can inspire fear among many enemies.
Yumi Bow: All information is in that link.
Abilities: Banshee Scream, Deadly Aim
Banshee Scream: Releasing an ear shattering scream, similar to that of the Irish spirit, sending but the strongest willed into disarray, and all into a bit of a stun.
Deadly Aim (Passive): Extremely capable and well trained with a bow (with a bit of assistance), that when aiming the weapon time seems to slow down and sense of sight is heightened.
Other Notes: A user of Dark Fantasia

"Considering making a user of dark Fantasia, but depends if it is a better fit than some person that is unknown by others and wanders the world."
the horror axe fits the dark fantasia traits pretty well. and the character in general has that sort of dark eerie feel to it. so why not make your current one dark fantasia
=RPer Name=
Name: Al Kadoya
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Yin: A double edged sword made from Fantasia drawn from Al's goodwill personality.
Yang: A more mysterious sword that Al carries around. It looks similar to Yin but is almost pitch black while Yin is almost all white. The 2 swords are believed to be made as a pair from 1 exceptionally large piece of Fantasia
Dual Wielding: when the 2 swords are used together you get the speed of Yin with the power of Yang. The downside is that more energy is drained from the user and the effects are less noticeable
Featherfall: when Al wields only Yin his strikes are quicker and more precise, a blurr of movement
Burdens: When Al wields only Yang his strikes become heavier and more powerful, strikes are slower but deliver much heavier blows. It is also rumored to have other abilities but nothing is confirmed
Other info: none
That I can. Just give me some time to work on him.
Will join ... need time to make a char though ... hmm ... could I rework a char that hasn't seen any use? I made it for World's End which was somewhat similar to this if I remember correctly.
i may also add a unit encyclopedia so i can DM quickly but not loose enemy uniqueness
Name: Thorn
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Weapons: Gunblade (Think Lightning from FFXIII), Kite Shield, Fire magic
Abilities: Tracker (passive)- Can track targets or foes through good weather and malleable terrain. (Think dirt and such.)

Painkiller- Has a higher than normal tolerance for pain of all kinds. Good for resisting physical torture.

Barrage (Fantasia ability)- Under the correct conditions, such as critically wounded, can fire a barrage of one hundred bullets to eliminate or temporarily pin down an enemy.
Other Info: Is a Guild Leader. (Plays into his intro.)

Would you like a backstory for him? Also, I have some FF on the brain too...Sorry....Fire magic is Fire Emblem inspired.
OOC: specify which item is fantasia and also the fantasia weapon gets a unique trait. please elaborate on the fire magic and you have to choose either the long sword or kite shield to keep cause that's a bit too much stuff to carry (2 swords and a shield really is pushing the weapon limit) and where are your abilities?
Seemed to have missed the abilities...and think fireballs that turn into fire geysers on impact. Gunblade will be fantasia. And this isn't dark fantasia...

Abilities: Tracker (passive)- Able to track targets and foes through almost any terrain.

Finishing blow- can kill any foe at 15% or lower HP. (Just for a discription.)

This was posted from my phone cause editing is a pain.
uuh way too OP abilities. Finishing blow is kinda redundant and tracker...... nerf it a bit since than that means there's no retreat and may cause a lot of other problems. fireballs can just be fireballs as the geyser thing complicate things
Alright then. Round two.

Tracker- Can track targets or foes through good weather and malleable terrain. (Think dirt and such.)

Painkiller- Has a higher than normal tolerance for pain of all kinds. Good for resisting physical torture.
better. The thing with the old tracker was if someone was to lets say make a stealth character than the whole basis on what it was made on would be ineffective against you. Painkiller seems good but when are you gonna post the ability of your fantasia weapon
Thought you determined that XD. I'll do it now.

Barrage- Under the correct conditions, such as critically wounded, can fire a barrage of one hundred bullets to eliminate or temporarily pin down an enemy.
Name: Araea
Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Weapons: Claws and teeth, Fantasia Bow and a dagger when in her bipedal or ‘anthro’ form, Shadow and Nature magic
Abilities: Shadow Bend, Natures Might, Energy Arrows(Fantasia Bow)
Shadow Bend: Bends shadows around Araea making her invisible so long as she is in someones or somethings shadow.
Natures Might: Araea can draw energy from plants and animals around her as well as 'see' through them.
Energy Arrows: Her bow generates arrows of pure energy when ever she draws the string back.
Other Info: A beautiful gold and white furred kitsune.,r:24,s:700,i:76 birth form clothes
looks good. and that is a lot of links XD. and the second one doesn't work.
hehe sorry ... removed.

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