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we only got 4 people so far so imma have to wait some more
We could go with four.
you sure?
Most people do. The beginning of the RP itself is what draws them in. Just give a link to the PRP in the OP.
hmmm mkay i'll post it tomorrow or sometime later today
Cool, I'll be waiting.

Edit-Added my abilities to my character sheet and added an important intro note.
Alright, what's the deal with magic? Are there limits on who can use it at all?

I'm considering throwing in a thief type character who will bump into the group at some point.
limits are well it can't be OP and no any character can use it. as long as it isn't like super powerful for example you shoot a black sphere and suddenly a black hole appears and swallows everything. you post your char and i'll give you feedback
Got it.
Kinda want to do this because I like fantasy lore better............Do we just post character sheets on this thread?
Name: Malek
Gender: Male
Age: early 20s
Equipment: Assassins Bracers (retractable katars, wrist crossbows, shield guards), Cloak of shadows, Thieves tools, Climbing gear, Basic clothing (cloth/leather armor), Assorted equipment and gear
Magic: Shadow, Life/nature/light
- Untrained magic (active w/ passive effect)
- Survivalist (passive)
Other Info: 5' 6"; Lean and heavily tanned with a number of scars partially visible from around his clothes; A dirty mat of black hair; Shifty bright green eyes; Appears jaded and wary.

* * *

Cloak of shadows: A simple cloak that when imbued with shadow magic makes the wearer go unnoticed. It doesn't work if the wearer is being watched or against the strong minded. (Bosses, etc.)

Assassins Bracers: Mounted on the back of the arm, the katars are 9" long and a good 3" wide at the base. The wrist crossbows fire the up to 3 metal spikes; not very accurate but highly effective at close range. The shield guards pop out from the sides of the bracers forming a small shield on the forearm.

Untrained magic: While Malek has magical capabilities, he has never had any sort of real training with them. As a result, his powers are a little unwieldy and don't always work as he intended.

^ Galvian, this answer your question? ^
Yeesh tank you sir. :D Also can I be something not human??
Galvian I have a non human char but you will need to ask darkra.

War: you forgot the Abilities.
Thanks. I think that's everything. Now to wait for Darkra's answer...
k war accepted. sorry for not paying much attention i've been busy today. and yes galvian you can be none humans has proven by morph
That's fine.

Just don't forget to add my char sheet to the list. Thanks.
You gonna jump us or not, War? XD
Just because I said he was a thief type character doesn't mean anything...
Still, do something. Just wait until Morph posts.

Name: Maya ShorStone
Gender Female
Race: Unknown
Age: unkown
Weapons Steam powered Cross bow think the live action movie Can hellsing and the gas powered crossbow he used, Twin Fremen Knives- Knives that are made from bones

Ablilities: Spawn Poison Vine- uses dark magic to spawn poisonus vines that poison enemies
Summon Ancestoral Ghost- summons spirits of her ancestors to protect herself.

Appeance is unknown other then she is 5'11" and wears a black cloak with odd symbols on two long strips of cloth coming down like a priest's robe. When ever someone looks into her face with her hood over all they see is blackness and a hint of a skull like face.

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