Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 25)

Joeyray's Bar
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Not sure if serious or trolling.

You know who you are, posting in general discussion.
Me or Thane, I am guessing Thane
I sigh and shoot both Mecha and Thane, their temporarily lifeless bodies crumbling to the floor as puddles of blood begin to form. "No posting in GD without being constructive."
Uncalled for, as their posts have been rather amusing.

*licks Zarkun*
I flinch as the bullet ricochets off my armor.

"A little bit of both to be honest." I admit. "Don't worry. I never go too overboard with either one and I'm sure to clean my mess."
I indicate the pool of blood, his own blood mind, that Thane is standing in. "Then clean that up. AP rounds don't ping off of armor."
I glance down and swear before grabbing a mop.
Shaking my head and chuckling, I take a sip of my Blue Lightning. "That's a good man."
Finishing up, I take off my chest plate and begin repairing the hole.

"So I've been writing up my next story. I'd appreciate it if some of you at least gave it a chance."
I am constructive in GD. And also in ecvery QQ thread I can I post "QQ OVERWHELMING!!" as the QQers are unable to be reasoned with. I then give zarkun a Hydralisk hug.
I duck the hug and kick Mecha out the doors. "I'm not a hugger, thanks." Turning to Thane, I chuckle. "I'll read it when I've more reliable internet. I do most of my posting from my smart phone."
I catch Mecha psionically and sit him down before he flies out the door.

The way I understand it, anyone with HOTS can get a portrait for making a party with a WoL or starter edition.
So, anyone want to spawn me?
"I can, but I'll need...... Bout an hour for the computer to cool down. Nearly overheated the poor thing yesterday. Do you have anything in mind you want to do, or do you just want to be spawned?"
Hey, i'm new to this bar so I just have a What He’s Having
I mix the drink up and slide it to Flying, then go back to cleaning glasses.
thanks, drinks it, that's really good.
So jester, are you the bartender?
"Please refrain from double-posting. And I'm bartender when Zarkun's not about, and he's bartender when Zanon's not about."

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