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Here we are again...

It is once again time for a new bar thread. As usual please fill this one first.
Zanon, Bloody Haze is scheduled for liftoff tomorrow.
Sup fellas,

I've been wanting to play SWTOR for a loooong time now, but have always had something better to do. Until now. It's currently downloading.

I understand a few of you play SWTOR. Any tips/advice/pointers/etc?

Thanks for your time,
Yours in the most sincere way possible over the internet,
Sorry Thane, can't help you there. Never played it myself.

How soon are you planning on kicking off DarkBlade and or Final Stand?... Or did I miss some formal announcement somewhere?
C'mon, War! What the !@#$ is your problem!? You have to be on these things!!!11!11!1 Don't you know you're suppose to solve all my problems and always have my back 110% of the time!!


lol, seriously man. You are always there for me. Always. You don't have to apologize just because you don't play a game =P
Alright, I got my feet wet. I think i understand the basics of the game :D
You have to get wet? Definitely not playing that.
KO! You're back! *Gives KO a hug*
Thane, what class?
I am a smuggler...? Yeah. A smuggler :)
What server, Thane? War, once I have more reliable internet.
Got it.
Oh yeah, guys for the next 10 days I'm gonna be on vacation, so I won't be able to log onto the forums (Damned Account Lock)... So.... Yeah.
I am on "The Harbinger"? I think that's what it's called :S
*shoos out the crickets*

"Anyone got something to help me 'Unsee' things? Preferably bleach based?" I ask while shivering, "There are some things on the Internet I wish I could unsee, and I recently picked up a bunch of them.
I mix up a Mind Shredder, and put it in the Laser Accelerator. A portal opens up and places the drink in front of morrjo, and I go to wash glasses. "That never gets old. And don't watch Human Centipede, whatever you do. That's one nightmare you will never forget, no matter how hard you try."
"Never has, never will, never shall. And I'm not a tool. I don't try to find this sanity destroying rubble!"

A pause.

"...I seem to be drinking a rather worryingly large number of Shredders these days. The Internet seems to be getting the better of my breed of insanity recently... worrying bit of a topic," I say, downing the drink.

"Why is nobody ever on when I am?"
07/02/2013 05:30 PMPosted by morrjo
The Internet seems to be getting the better of my breed of insanity recently

Here is my professional opinion to solve your problems for virtually free:

Go look at kittens. Preferably live ones.
"Yuck. Why would I lower myself to serving the servitors of Old Scratch himself? Pun aside, those things are evil, because nothing that cute can ever be good. It'd probably transform when nobody's looking and try to eat my face. And even then it's just a temporary cure."
Go outside instead of feeding your morbid curiosity by looking up questionable things in the interwebs.

Or watch MLP:FIM.

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