Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 25)

Joeyray's Bar
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It's.... Aliiiiiiiiiive!
And reminds me of HBRB.

Now... I must find my welcome speech for FlyingEagle.
I nod to FlyingEagle, sipping my drink. "Welcome to the bar. I'm the local, revolver toting vigilante Zarkun."

My name is Zanon. I am a regular at Joeyray's and the unofficial forum sheriff of Joeyray's.
My (unofficial) job is to give a brief orientation to new RPers at Joeyray's Bar. This includes relevant facts about myself and others.

The first and most important thing is: BLIZZARD'S CODE OF CONDUCT.
You can find this on the bottom of any page on the forum. In them you will find all the things that they can ban you for.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thundercrash (He isn't here right now) knows what he is talking about, but really any of the people here can be counted on to answer a serious question.

As a courtesy to others, do not kill their characters. Also try to keep your punctuation in top form. We have a lot of perfectionists here, as this is primarily a story forum.

Have fun.

More information is available on:

----------IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT ME----------
I am an easy going person but, if you post something that contains x-rated or downright disgusting material I WILL REPORT YOU.
I have reported two people for this, and they were both PERMANENTLY banned.
----------End note----------
Be careful, FlyingEagle. Sometimes Zarkun can be a little... shooty. No offense, Zarkun. You do shoot a lot.
"None taken, but you have to admit I've gotten better."
I consider giving FlyingEagle my usual greeting, but decide against it. As I knew people would be mad at me if I drove off yet another person with my love of violence and gore.
I walk over to SF, giving him a vat-born clone. "Have fun." I go back behind the bar, and make myself a Maelstrom Shocker, taking a drink of it.
Hey! Marauder pic is already taken, FlyingEagle! Get something else!

...Oh, and welcome to Joeray's bar.
"None taken, but you have to admit I've gotten better."

How delusional. I loled.
A slight *snick* is heard as smylez's head comes off and rolls out the door. "He's our doctor. Guy's nuts."
Or resident mad scientist, but both apply.
I saw off Warhawk's foot as he speaks and put it inside one of those cartoon machines that look like they're about to explode. Soon after out of one of the pipes, copies of Warhawk's foot pop out, kicking people they fly near. "So next test is Banelings and then bottles of vodka... Then I shall know if I can clone my, er Knarled and I's dreaded VODKALING!"
So, not sure where I'm going to use this yet, but:

It's going to be a fight song.
My my myyyy~
The merry bunch of test subjects have gathered~
And I see we have someone new to play with...
Welcome, FlyingEagle.
I am the SlenderBurrito, but most know me as the answer to the question: "How are Babies born?"
I am the homicidal Changeling, and the one with the most reputation, charisma, and is the current holder of the "Longest Life as a Changeling" award.
Welcome, to hell.
When Slnder's not watching I steal the plaque about him being longest living Changeling. I slowly slink away.
I punt SF and take the plaque back, putting it back in it's spot before SB notices.
I miss HBRB....and Lemonz

06/06/2013 06:20 PMPosted by smylez

I sigh and smack Galvian across the face, sending him into the brick wall across the street, which was now in the bar as I was annoyed with having to walk across the street to get back into the bar all the time. "SlnderBurrito is HBRB. Lemonz, well I have no clue who that is... Was (s)he the creator of Kitchencraft? Oh, and sporks need a bit of buffing. For being a combiner of spoon defense and fork damage, they seem a bit lacking."
By the way Galvian, you should probably get back to PKA, there is a mission just about to launch.

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