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Can I join in on the fun? :3
So I was thinking. We should have a thread for maybe when we as a people want to play together customs, cortex, or otherwise.

Well first you get the hatchery comfortable. Then it will begin to convert mass into small larvae. From there, you need to take care of the larvae, tell them exactly what's in store for them in their lives... from there, they get so excited that they spur on a metamorphosis and become beauuuuutiful Ultralisks~
Thank you oh wise one thank you. All hail HBRB All hail the SLENDERBURRITO
A single round passes through Galvian's head, exiting from between his eyes. As everyone looks towards me, my revolver doesn't move from its position, the barrel still smoking. "We don't allow heresey in this bar. Zanon is our Glorious Dictator. He is the only one we hail."
I shake my head, and nod to a nearby queen. A spray of tranfusion lands on Galvian, and regenerates his head, bringing him back to life as well.
But Slender, what if you need some Hydralisks to kill Void Rays???
Then you poke it before the legs grow. It's all a matter of time. You need to sort of twist and pull to get the Hydralisk out.
SB, you are doing it so wrong! You gotta teach the Ultralisks the tactic of leap frog so then they can leap over each other and atop each other so then they can pounce on them Void Rays. Or we could send out another Crocodile Hunter but... they might die... because they got stabbed in the heart.
"...Then why can't you get Ultralisks back during the time of the Spawning Pool? Because your Queen's hate you and decide to open the eggs before they can turn into Roaches or Hydralisks?"
I guess that's a yes
I hereby relinquish my titles as Doctor, Resident Mad Scientist, and One of the Three.

Good night.
Heh. You're hilarious SF. Obviously the more evolved your hives are, the more perceptive and patient your queens get! They begin to see similarities between the buildings and the larvae within their cocoons. So when they see something that looks like the building, they open the pod! At Spawning Pool tech they simply don't have much patience, so they pop as soon as they feel the things are ready.
No they just go on strike and don't inject like I tell them too.

Damned cerebral modifications.
Why is Raynor's model a War Pig in the Back in the Saddle mission?
"It's the same model that was used in the Castanar mission and the first mission in WoL. They just added a bayonet on the end of his rifle." I turn from Avikon to smylez, and say "Can I use your lab, since you may or may not be using it anymore?"
Ah, it's my graphic's settings that caused the problem...
I should definitely upgrade my toaster.
Maybe get something from Wal-Mart...
Hey guys, I might be doing a request stream over on later, would any of you guys be interested? (Just trying to see how many people would want it, because I don't want to waste my time with like, one person? XD)
"I wouldn't mind watching."

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