Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 25)

Joeyray's Bar
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Is it just me or did someone break the forum font?
No Bizz changed it.
Nope, it's been changed. I must say I don't really like it, spent like 10 minutes trying to fix the "glitch" before realizing that it was intentional...
"Text size got changed, UI changes, yet no new forum code features... Nooooo!!!"

I set down a few triridium coins for my tab.

"Ah well, the end of the weeks of hell are in sight. Freedom is nigh!"
Damnit, I need to get better about keeping up with the one thread I'm taking part in. Whoever's currently the bartender, could I have a Marine?
I mix up and slide a Marine toward Jake, going back to creating ideas. "HftSR is up, RPers. Get on it."
06/13/2013 08:11 PMPosted by Jester
HftSR is up, RPers. Get on it.

Crap. I never finished my character...
For those who care, I restarted Final Stand. Hope ya'll are willing to give it another chance.
I really feel an itch to use my hybrid faction.
Just 'cause I can double post.

ShadowFury, are you still part of Templar? This also goes for PlayerName, Beowulf, and ditto (though I don't think it is very likely the last three are going to show up)
The last three likely won't show.
"Eh. I will probably jump back in soon-ish. Recently I've felt really lazy."
I toss SF a pistol and a clip of clear bullets with a strange liquid. "SF, we've missed some initiations." Then the bar shakes slightly as the sound of drilling from below can be heard. Hitting the button on my wristband, the Venator armor appears on me, a magnum on my hip, Suppressor and Binary Rifle on my back and plasma and frag grenades in the middle of my lower back. "Hey CR, your GoWverse invasion just started."
"I don't know who's. And I am a bit too lazy to write them up right now. Perhaps later. Or tomorrow morning. Just tell me who."
Taking a position behind the door, I watch out the windows. "Steel for sure, maybe Morph..."
Steel yes. Me no.
Realizing the folly in hiding behind the front door, I shift slightly to the left, next to the door. "I did say maybe."
06/15/2013 09:13 PMPosted by Zarkun
Hey CR, your GoWverse invasion just started.
I have no idea what the hell y'all are going on about... and frankly... I'm confused.
I sigh, drawing the Suppressor and glancing out. "Remember back in part 16 or 17? During the haloverse invasion?"

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