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"Simple, it got EMP'd in the slipspace hole."
I had been crawling around on the ceiling for some time now, attempting to utilize the same form of camouflage that the Earthling "Cuttlefish" used in it's natural habitat. How it was able to determine what kind of surface was underneath it, even when it could not see it... was beyond me. However files had shown that they were incredibly adaptable... having such capabilities would prove to be essential for some operations in the future.

NOTE: Cuttlefish are awesome.
I glance up and SB then return to watching for the Locusts. "Having fun up there?"
Looking up (down?) at Zarkun, I stifle a chuckle, going completely prone to the ceiling and let the chemical patches growing in my skin begin to match the pattern of the ceiling flawlessly.
"Yes. Yes I am."
"Good." I bring my Binary Rifle to bear and fire, taking out the patch of ceiling and watching SB fall. "Help me prepare for the Locust."
My tail had stabbed into the Ceiling, causing me to hang, suspended, with my arms crossed. My camouflage fading, my eyes glared directly at Zarkun. "You could have just asked, you know. Also I'm not much of the preparation type. I'll massacre them as they come, simple as that."
"I need someone with a lighter step to go set the mines."
My eyebrow had shot up, and I dropped, landing on all fours and standing up again. "Just give me somewhere to spread Creep, and I'll roll a good horde of Banelings outside. Nobody would be able to go in or out without me knowing it, or without me having the ability to stop them. Throw some Widow Mines out there as well and you're fine."
I blink a bit, before frowning.
"I correct myself. I do not prepare, as much as I do Improvise."
I chuckle and nod, giving permission. "Just...don't get it in the bar. One fly infestation was bad enough." Sipping my drink, I laugh. "And that sounded a LOT like preparing."
"A little bit of this, and a little bit of that..." I am sitting behind the counter, pouring random fluids and sprinkling random materials into a glass. "I also have an announcement to make."

I clear my throat in an overemphasized manner. "THE GIRAFFES SHALL RISE! AND THEY SHALL CONQUER! TOGETHER, THEY, SHRIMP, AND PIGEONS SHALL RULE THE LAND, SKY, AND OCEANS! Oh, and Mecha is planning on fleshing out an organization called the GFA. I believe it is the Giraffes of Free Africa.
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06/18/2013 05:20 PMPosted by ShadowFury

06/18/2013 05:20 PMPosted by ShadowFury

My friend's name is Shrimp... perhaps you know him?

*Takes a sip of the ale*
Why are you guys preparing for locusts? Did Swarm Hosts get burrow-move while I was gone?
"Firstly, you've never heard of Gears of War I guess, and secondly, IC and OOC are not required here, and lastly, I speak of the crustacean."
I shoot xer in the head with my Binary Rifle, temporarily silencing him. "Think Gears of War, my friend."
I shrug a bit, smiling softly. "You need to remember. Adaptation. There are very few 'plans' within the Zerg, besides just survive and adapt. Evolve to do what needs to be done. Also I have been experimenting using Abathur's evolutions to the Baneling strains- good thing the Swarm still thinks of me as a brood, another one of those pods came in a few days ago, with a WONDERFUL amount of genetic material. I'll have splitters littering the ground, and therefore our minefield's potency will triple. Add that to the changes he made to the acidity of the Banelings, and our Minefield instantly is now operating at 600% capacity, at the same cost as it would normally."
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I speak of the crustacean

He was also a crustacean, if I recall, and he has had a problem with Alien Shrimp Eating Sharks in the past... Look into this.

06/18/2013 05:36 PMPosted by Zarkun
I shoot xer in the head with my Binary Rifle, temporarily silencing him. "Think Gears of War, my friend."

*Pulls out various objects*
*Finally Pulls out sign*
(Damned Hammerspace Malfunction)
(I have heard of Gears of War... Forgot that the enemies were called locusts)
(Also, what do they have that we don't?)
"Well, instant tunnels for one."
"They have lives. We don't."
06/18/2013 05:41 PMPosted by Zarkun
"Well, instant tunnels for one."

We have Nydus worms. Can't we make them break into their tunnel network and chomp them down?

06/18/2013 05:41 PMPosted by ShadowFury
"They have lives. We don't."

Which kind? Life outside of this, or Video Game lives (Think Mario on that)
"They shoot the nydus worms. Found that out the hard way."
"They have actual lives. They have social lives. And they can see perfectly in near pitch black."

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