Hunt for the Snowbound Relic (PRP Remake)

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A signal sounds, arriving to the ears of every race within the Koprulu Sector. At the edge of Dominion Space, in a spot between the Zerg, Protoss, and Terran, something had appeared in the system. Civilians who lived in the system already were in a panic due to the arrival of something which shouldn't be there:

A planet. A new planet had arrived from out of nowhere, located beyond the furthest planet in the planetary system. A signal calls out from it, a signal which spoke of power and knowledge. Almost as soon as it was sent, it dies off, the planet becoming silent again.

After the signal had died off, everyone began to organize themselves for the coming exploration of the new planet. Fleets were raised and gathered, leaders chosen and warriors organized. All who heard it had the same thought: To get to the planet, and claim whatever power waited there for themselves. Fleets were filled to the brim with troops and supplies, and rushed to the unknown planet.

^RPer Name^
Name: Your character name goes here.
Age: (Optional)
Race: Self-explanatory.
Faction: Who you are affiliated with.
Unit: This can be combined or have custom-made (Some definition of the custom unit may be needed)
Equipment: Self-explanatory.
Abilities: Self-explanatory. No limit, explain each one. Don't go overboard.
Background: This is not important, however, if you want, you can add to it.
I'll post a character sheet later today when I'm on my interweb.
Might join ... are custom races allowed? If not its fine
I may join
@Morph: Hm...... Depends. Make the character, and I'll say yay or nay.

@Mecha: You are more than welcome to join. *Glares at SF and Zarkun* Don't even think about it, either of you.
I wasn't going to without reason.
What major factions are there going to be? Dominion, Swarm and Protoss?
Major factions of each race (IE Dominion, Kel-Morian, Umojan) (Normal Protoss, Tal'Darim) (Swarm Zerg, Individual Broods). Individual organizations are allowed, like Mercenary companies.
Name: Kenny Fargas
Age: 24
Race: Terran
Faction: This is a toss-up. I'd like to have good character interaction, so I'll change it to be whomever to make it so.
Unit: Marine/non-psionic ghost
Equipment: Light armor used for stealth. Kenny loves his .44 revolver. Also loves CQC with his Combat knife.
Abilities: True Shot, Perception boost
Background: I'll add this as soon as I know what Faction I'm in.
Need to give me what abilities do, and I'm not going to add you until you become part of a faction, whether it is someone's faction or if you're operating on your own.
Name: Taliya Ilan
Age: 30
Race: Elerian
Faction: Freelance merc, ES (Elerian Sanctum)
Unit: Elerian QIb wamwI' (Shadow Hunter) Generally born with an affinity for Shadow and/or Light, other affinities have been found among QIb wamwI'. Trained from about three years of age in the ways of stealth, infiltration, tracking and hunting among other ways to use their affinities. QIb wamwI' train until they reach about 18 years of age.
Appearance: (doesn't actually wear that outfit), Consistent: Brown hair to lower back, Blue eyes, Lithe, Athletic, small-medium build, Deceptively strong even with little muscle mass or definition
Equipment: Plasma AR with sight (Single, Burst, Full Auto fire modes), Form fitting power armor that out performs most anything Terran's or Protoss can/will field, twin short swords made of Erini Steel, Affinities: Wind, Light, Lightning; a powerful cloaking device that hides her scent completely and her mental signature from all but the strongest psionics along with acting as a highly advanced normal cloak.
Abilities: Aero-boost, Aero-blast, Ion storm, Shapeshift
Background: N/A

I will type up description's of my Abilities in a moment.
Name: Nagg
Race: Zerg
Faction: Scylla's Swarm
Unit: Specialized Hunter Killer, has blue stripes instead of red.
Equipment: Naga Claws, Acid Spines, Acid Spray.
Camoflauge: Nagg and his pack mates can change color to blend in with their surroundings, basically a Zerg Cloak.
Lay Low: Nag and his pack mates can make their minds almost impossible to detect (only doing this cause I know some of you will pull the "I sensed his mind." Bull!@#$)
Burrow Move: Nag and his pack mates can burrow move.
Parasite: Nagg launches a small parasite at an enemy which after burrowing into a target can be detonated in a spray of acid. Parasite can be left inside target for extended periods of time, allowing it to grow.
Toxic Gas: Nagg can release a large cloud of gas, lowering enemy visibility to practically zero and damaging their eyes a bit.
Rapid Regeneration: Nagg and his pack mates regenerate rapidly when burrowed or resting
Background: Rather than Invade the planet and BLARARARG, Scylla decided to send a small specialized pack of hunter killers to investigate this strange occurance and see whether to invade or not.
Mecha, you are approved. Still waiting for Morph to give what the abilities to do before I decide.
Mine may be a bit delayed....
Jester, can I replace Parasite with:

Deabilitating Venom: Nagg and his pack mates Claws, Acid Spines, and mouths, are filled (or in the claws case coated) with a special venom. This venom will slowly render a target completely helpless though it wont kill unless the target was already weak when injected or if the venom is given in a large enough dose.
Alright, will replace it.
abilities will come tonight ... won't have any access beyond this till tonight cya
This thread is now renamed The Hunt for Red October.
Aero-boost: channels air to boost speed and can be used for short duration sustained and powered flight
Aero-blast: concentrated blast of air
Ion storm: Massive blast of electricity that fries most anything in a 10m diameter target area.
Teleport: renamed Instant Transmission from Serenity(PKA)
....... Morph, your character is denied unless she's working ONLY on her own. No allies or anything. Your character has way too many advantages, and...... *mutters something unintelligibly*

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