Hunt for the Snowbound Relic (PRP Remake)

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I was planning to have her be on her own. Perhaps not completely hostile but not exactly hostile either.
Sorry, Morph, but I just looked up to see if the Proto tool was used elsewhere, and saw the description for the Proto tool. Your character is denied.
Removed the Proto-tool. might replace with a rifle of some sort but maybe not
Your choice.
Jester, would it be possible to use my sheet from the original one and I just give you troop numbers?
Yeah, I'll go copy it down. Just give troop numbers.
Added rifle and removed Teleport.
Still denied.
*shrug* OK.
Real quick, do the flletts hold any purpose besides transport in this one?
Unless you feel like shooting each other in space, pretty much transport only.
So I could have mine land again?
A Space-flight capable ship, like a Cruiser or a Battleship? No. Gravity would turn it into, essentially, a massive bomb. Drop-ships are fine.
Battlcruisers and Protoss Carriers can land. so can Leviathans.
Game Physics is different than Story Physics. Gravity would cause all of them to crash due to weight, unless you are playing Mass Effect, which pretty much lets them reduce their mass and lets them operate in planetary conditions without being pulled to the ground(Hax). (Frigates are the exception, possibly)

Also, someone calculated the weight of a Battlecruiser. Made somewhere around 110,880 Kilotons.
Dark temple book series a battle cruiser lands ON a planet. The book where there is a Xelnaga artifact on some basic k water world SEVERAL battlecruisers land ON a planet.
Gravity. Again. I'm not going to allow Battlecruisers/Carriers/Leviathans on the ground. Don't like it? Deal with it.
I think Jest means COMPLETELY landing. Not like floating in the sky
Mecha I mean completely landed too. And there is such a thing as anti gravity thrusters. But I'll stop debating.
Good to know. While Morph makes a point, I won't argue.

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