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Will join this later today, when I get a chance to type up a character sheet.
I'll start it when I start it Mecha. Have patience.
Vehicle numbers-

60 Siegebreakers

30 Tyranor Assault Walkers

100 Tracer APCs

If there's any issues, tell me tonight please. While I've my notes in front of me.
Bumping to remind people to join. I only have three people.
Don't you have four.

Me, zarkun, SF, and Smylez.
Let's be honest: smylez is going to disappear, like he normally does. I don't expect him to maintain being part of an RP, as is the case as well in GP.
I'll try to get an app ready tonight. Haven't got a chance to post much the last few days.
Alright. I will be starting tomorrow, probably. Maybe earlier. Still deciding.
Hmm... I think I'll try the custom race I usually use in Cortex, if it's acceptable.

Name: Archive Ship EVR3L-C
Age: Unknown, at least as old as the Xel'Naga
Race: Ser'vanar Constructs
Ser'vanar- The Ser'vanar controlled much of known space in ancient times, possibly coexisting with the Xel'Naga. However, an unknown, but cataclysmic event was predicted to end their rule and wipe out the race entirely, and so they began construction of the Reclamation Fleets. These fleets were fully automated, and built to last for millions of years floating in space inside their stasis fields for the day when the race could reawaken. The Archive Ships, nerve centers of the fleets, contained the genetic data and memories of the entire race within them, and were programmed to come out of stasis many years in the future, regenerating the Ser'vanar and reclaiming their planets so that their rule would be reestablished once again. It is unknown whether the Ser'vanar remained and were destroyed by the event, or if their consciousnesses were somehow transferred into the Archive Ships.

Faction: Reclamation Fleet EVR3L-C
Unit: Archive Ship
Archive Ship: Archive Ships are to the automated Ser'vanar reclamation fleets as the Overmind was to the Zerg, and carry the memories and genetic sequences of all Ser'vanar assigned to them. They are well armed and have shields which regenerate rapidly out of combat, but their hull is fragile due to being mostly filled with computing equipment used to control the fleet and make complex decisions, and therefore they should usually avoid front-line combat. Archive Ship EVR3L-C has a narrow, elongated shape, made up of segmented plating and thin arches. Spindly, swept-back protrusions are attached along the sides and bottom of the Archive Ship. A large portion of the ship is empty space, with many spaces and openings running between the ship's segmented plates, the undersides of which emit a blue glow. EVR3L-C is approximately 750 meters long (for reference, a Gorgon-class battlecruiser is 560 meters long).

Equipment: Thermal Transmission Ray (x1), Missile Bays (x2), Disintegration Beams (x6), Plasma Lances (x32)
Thermal Transmission Ray- Essentially a scaled up version of the thermal transfer rifle, creates extremely high temperature, highly condensed plasma inside a self-contained force field, and then teleports the resulting bomb into an enemy ship. Takes several seconds to target a ship before firing, and has a fairly long cooldown period between shots.
Missile Bays- Launches long range cruise missile volleys with antimatter warheads, mainly used against capital ships and buildings. Lots of splash damage, but fast units can dodge easily.
Disintegration Beams- General purpose matter deconstruction beams. Fires a narrow beam which causes molecular bonds along its path to fall apart. Strong against heavily armored targets, but easily overwhelmed by masses of smaller units.
Plasma Lances- Short range plasma beams, fire quickly but do low damage per hit.

Abilities: Self-Stabilizing Shields, Mass Warp Jump,
Self-Stabilizing Shields- Similar to Protoss plasma shields, but regenerates very quickly if no damage is taken for 30 seconds.
Mass Warp Jump- Works just like an ordinary warp drive, but allows all nearby craft to jump alongside even if they are not equipped with warp drives.

Background: Archive Ship EVR3L-C was awakened from its stasis prematurely by the planet's signal. Its primary directive; to reawaken its creators still remains however, even though it has been activated far before the rest of the fleets will be.

Additional Forces: 35 Construction Drones, 8 Sentinels, 6 Watchers, 48 Guardians, 4 Drone Hubs, 12 Shades

Construction Drone- Self-explanatory. With resources gathered from the planet, capable of building ground installations and the facilities needed for reawakening the Ser'vanar. Has a weak electrical attack at medium range.
Sentinel- Fast, fragile sniper craft. Fires powerful beams at targets from long range with a long cooldown between shots.
Watcher- Tall strider similar to a Colossus, very resistant to small arms fire, and armed with a rapid-fire beam weapon which can set targets aflame and melt all manner of metals from a good distance.
Guardian- Infantry (ish) walker, about the size of a Stalker and armed with a pair of particle cannons which are equally effective against almost all targets. Moderate armor and fairly strong shields.
Drone Hub- Fragile automated airship, launches swarms of weak attack drones to harass and destroy targets. Looks like a deployed Warp Prism, but much larger.
Shade- Lightly armed dropship, decent shielding and fitted with a pair of Plasma Lances.
Umm..... Owl, you're kinda SOL here..... You have a ship that is the size of a capital ship.....which will only be able to sit in orbit....
Umm..... Owl, you're kinda SOL here..... You have a ship that is the size of a capital ship.....which will only be able to sit in orbit....
Could I make it atmospheric-flight capable if it was smaller? I'm not sure how big a Hercules is, but the ship is supposed to be about 2-2.5 times that size.
Even IF it was atmospheric-flight capable, I'm not letting anything bigger than a Frigate to enter the atmosphere without crashing due to gravity. Cause SC physics is not to be believed. And I'm pretty sure even a Frigate is pushing it.
Even IF it was atmospheric-flight capable, I'm not letting anything bigger than a Frigate to enter the atmosphere without crashing due to gravity. Cause SC physics is not to be believed. And I'm pretty sure even a Frigate is pushing it.
Hmm... I might just have my faction based primarily in orbit for the time being then. Have construction facilities on orbital stations, shuttle troops and reinforcements down to the surface, with the Archive Ship coordinating and controlling everything. Oh, and if I get accepted I will also have a more normal character once the proper facilities are built to revive it.
Then make a sheet for your 'normal' character.
Let's be honest: smylez is going to disappear, like he normally does. I don't expect him to maintain being part of an RP, as is the case as well in GP.

I've quite the real life dilemma going on and as jolly as I am, it has taken a toll on my mood.
Owl, bumping to remind you that you still need to make your groundside character before I can accept you.
Name: Eczr'il
Age: Unknown
Race: Ser'vanar
Faction: Reclamation Fleet EVR3L-C
Unit: Ethereal
Ethereal- Part of a highly specialized Ser'vanar military unit, Ethereals fill the roles of scouts, assassins, and electronics warfare personnel. Their cybernetic implants focus primarily on agility enhancements and the ability to effectively manipulate computer systems from a distance. Even a single Ethereal is deadly to an enemy force, as the combination of cloaking capabilities and the thermal transfer rifle result in a combatant which can strike from almost anywhere without revealing their position. Ser'vanar have an almost skeletal appearance, with extremely thin bodies and legs, and a long, segmented prehensile tail which ends in a sharp point resembling an arrowhead. Ser'vanar have two legs, four arms, and four wings, and may walk either upright on only their legs or on all six limbs. The head is similar to that of a lizard, but more bony and elongated and with slitted oval eyes. Numerous cybernetic implants and enhancements are clearly visible, especially in Ethereals, to the point where it is difficult to see the distinctions between mechanical and biological.

Equipment: Thermal Transfer Rifle, Cybernetic Wing Enhancements, Neural Processor
Thermal Transfer Rifle- An unusual, but nonetheless effective weapon, the thermal transfer rifle creates extremely high temperature plasma contained in a force field bubble within the weapon, and then teleports it to the inside of a target. This allows the weapon to be fired from concealment without giving any indication of the user's position. However, the thermal transfer rifle must be aimed at a target for a third of a second before firing, making it much less effective against fast moving targets. Can project up to about three kilometers, but the time to transfer increases at ranges of over 1000 meters, increasing at a linear rate to five seconds at three kilometers.
Cybernetic Wing Enhancements- The natural wings are enhanced with a specially designed strain of nanomachines, which make the wings much stronger, and allow them to regenerate slowly over time if damaged. Small engines are also fitted below the wing roots, allowing for much faster flight and increased maneuverability.
Neural Processor- Connected directly to the brain, this implant allows for much better aiming, nearly instant calculations, and can essentially create the image of a fully interactive HUD superimposed over the eyes. Also allows the Uplink and Interface abilities.

Abilities: Telekinesis, Cloak, Uplink, Interface
Telekinesis (Passive)- Ser'vanar have natural telekinetic abilities, but Ethereals train heavily to master them for use in combat. However, these abilities are still not as powerful as those of high PI Ghosts or High Templar.
Cloak- Essentially the same as Protoss and Terran cloaking, Ser'vanar cloak devices conceal the user from sight at the cost of the generator's energy. Even while moving, cloaked units are only barely visible to the most perceptive observer as a slight distortion. Detectors can see through the cloak.
Uplink (Passive)- Grants direct communication with all Ser'vanar constructs and automatons via the Archive Ship, allowing for better coordination and control of automated units. Also can connect to regular comm networks between the Ser'vanar.
Interface- Provides a connection to computer systems of any type at ranges of about 250 meters, allowing devices to potentially be hacked from a distance and communications tapped into. Equipment can also be jammed or otherwise interfered with this way, such as disabling radar or scrambling transmissions.

Background: A newly reawakened Ser'vanar Ethereal, Eczr'il was one of the primary supporters of the plan to build the Reclamation Fleets, and a high ranking military officer assigned to EVR3L-C.

Name: Burning Whisper
Age: Impossible
Race: None
Faction: ???
Unit: Khaydarin
Equipment: Impossible
Background: This is not important, however, if you want, you can add to it.

Sorry I haven't been on for a few hours... internet was being stupid and this was all I was able to accomplish really.
Name: Burning Whisper
Age: Impossible
Race: None
Faction: ???
Unit: Crystal
Equipment: Impossible
Abilities: Psi-Shockwave (Self-explanatory)
Group-Control (Another pretty easy one)
Power Field (powers nearby Protoss robotics and structures)
Warp Field (warps in twenty small to medium Zerg to its location from the Hive structure)
Defense Field (Energy field protecting troops by reducing oncoming range damage by slowing down projectiles or displacing energy attacks)
Background: Something was happening... cries and screams could be heard... almost like it was alive... impossible! Something like this couldn't be alive but yet it was, alas it must be destroyed... Does that mean it must destroy itself? It must be an abomination... it must be... It is saddened by this thing that it is now. It was once a magnificent energy source for this once powerful carrier. Now it was littered with this mongrels of zerg. Creeping themselves along its power. It was a beautiful sight... what is it thinking about? No! It must not think about such infestation of the ships main power but now... things are happening... It can control them, It is in control, It wants more....

[ETA 1 Hour until Warping Out]

It has control... and It likes it... It wants more... It wants death... It shall burn thoughts into creatures... mindless and ones with a complete independent mind from this Hive structure that has embedded into It.

Army: Miscellaneous Zerg Forces on-board, may multiply quickly if subjected to resources. Hive like structure surrounding the Crystal.

Five Colossus that are unpowered.
Six Probes in stasis.
Ten Sentries drained of energy.
Full Interceptor reserves.

So much laziness to just edit but then again this will just come back to the top.
Accepted, but an eye will be kept on you.

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