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It was a normal day in the Capitol of Fantasiora. People milled about doing their regular duties, adventurers flocking to the quest board, hoping to score a job and get money in reward. Than there was one man, one ominous hooded figure who waded through the crowd towards the board, taking a hammer and nails hung up a single job request on the board. before anyone could react he was gone. In his place was a job request to go to a hidden tomb and retrieve the treasure, and bring it to the local village. the reward....... 100 000 fants(fants is the currency).

all characters somehow find this request board and learn of this job, hoping to score the prize.

Name: Unknown. Dubbed "Wanderess"
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Weapons: Horror Axe, Yumi Bow
Horror Axe: A tall axe. The blade has a thick start around the shaft, with there being a horrible skeletal face carved into that, and becomes thinner quickly once it is but four inches from the edge. The edge itself is angled, instead of being a straight ninety, it is a ninety five degree angle. This axe can inspire fear among many enemies.
Yumi Bow: All information is in that link.
Abilities: Banshee Scream, Deadly Aim
Banshee Scream: Releasing an ear shattering scream, similar to that of the Irish spirit, sending but the strongest willed into disarray, and all into a bit of a stun.
Deadly Aim (Passive): Extremely capable and well trained with a bow (with a bit of assistance), that when aiming the weapon time seems to slow down and sense of sight is heightened.
Other Notes: A user of Dark Fantasia

Name: Al Kadoya
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Yin: A double edged sword made from Fantasia drawn from Al's goodwill personality.
Yang: A more mysterious sword that Al carries around. It looks similar to Yin but is almost pitch black while Yin is almost all white. The 2 swords are believed to be made as a pair from 1 exceptionally large piece of Fantasia
Dual Wielding: when the 2 swords are used together you get the speed of Yin with the power of Yang. The downside is that more energy is drained from the user and the effects are less noticeable
Featherfall: when Al wields only Yin his strikes are quicker and more precise, a blurr of movement
Burdens: When Al wields only Yang his strikes become heavier and more powerful, strikes are slower but deliver much heavier blows. It is also rumored to have other abilities but nothing is confirmed
Other info: none

Name: Thorn
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Weapons: Gunblade (Think Lightning from FFXIII), Kite Shield, Fire magic
Abilities: Tracker (passive)- Can track targets or foes through good weather and malleable terrain. (Think dirt and such.)

Painkiller- Has a higher than normal tolerance for pain of all kinds. Good for resisting physical torture.

Barrage (Fantasia ability)- Under the correct conditions, such as critically wounded, can fire a barrage of one hundred bullets to eliminate or temporarily pin down an enemy.
Other Info: Is a Guild Leader. (Plays into his intro.)

Name: Araea
Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Weapons: Claws and teeth, Fantasia Bow and a dagger when in her bipedal or ‘anthro’ form, Shadow and Nature magic
Abilities: Shadow Bend, Natures Might, Energy Arrows(Fantasia Bow)
Shadow Bend: Bends shadows around Araea making her invisible so long as she is in someones or somethings shadow.
Natures Might: Araea can draw energy from plants and animals around her as well as 'see' through them.
Energy Arrows: Her bow generates arrows of pure energy when ever she draws the string back.
Other Info: A beautiful gold and white furred kitsune.,r:24,s:700,i:76 birth form clothes

Name: Malek
Gender: Male
Age: early 20s
Equipment: Assassins Bracers (retractable katars, wrist crossbows, shield guards), Cloak of shadows, Thieves tools, Climbing gear, Basic clothing (cloth/leather armor), Assorted equipment and gear
Magic: Shadow, Life/nature/light
- Untrained magic (active w/ passive effect)
- Survivalist (passive)
Other Info: 5' 6"; Lean and heavily tanned with a number of scars partially visible from around his clothes; A dirty mat of black hair; Shifty bright green eyes; Appears jaded and wary.

* * *

Cloak of shadows: A simple cloak that when imbued with shadow magic makes the wearer go unnoticed. It doesn't work if the wearer is being watched or against the strong minded. (Bosses, etc.)

Assassins Bracers: Mounted on the back of the arm, the katars are 9" long and a good 3" wide at the base. The wrist crossbows fire the up to 3 metal spikes; not very accurate but highly effective at close range. The shield guards pop out from the sides of the bracers forming a small shield on the forearm.

Untrained magic: While Malek has magical capabilities, he has never had any sort of real training with them. As a result, his powers are a little unwieldy and don't always work as he intended.

For more backstory information and sign up please check out the PRP:
I smile under my hood and slowly back out of the crowd. I was wearing a heavy cloak drawn full around me with a hood drawn low. I didn't usually wear this but given I was ... different and I hadn't had much luck with going around showing off among humans I wore it as I head for the tomb.
I sat outside the town hall in the guild booth, doing my best to catch the attention of the bew adventurers as they left town hall with their licenses in hand. Not that it was hard to do, given I was the only real guild leader there. The rest were just of the guilds just sent representatives while they went out on jobs. Not me though, not Guild Nox Eterna. Granted, Eternal Night in Latin wasn't very encouraging on the use of Fantasia, but we were clean as they come. As I spoke to each eager adventurer, I noted they were in awe of talking to me. Guess no one had told them I'd be here. It was around noon when I heard the challenge bellowed towards me by our rival guild, Blue Falcon. Sighing, I step out of my booth, a hand resting on the grip of my gunblade. There he was, Pegasus, leader of the Blue Falcons. Guess he'd recovered faster than anticipated from our last match. Shaking my head, I slide my kite shield onto my left arm, unholstering my gunblade. "You sure you want to go another round so soon?" He doesn't respond, instead drawing a bow. As he drew it, I noticed the dark aura surrounding it and surse. "Clear the area!" Not waiting for a response or for Pegasus to finish drawing the bow, I sprint forward and ram my shoulder into him, carrying him away from the town hall and the green horns who are more than likely all too eager to prove themselves.

Three blocks later, Pegasus finally manages to make me stop and pushes me back, the bow becoming a sword as he swings for my head. My gunblade changes into its sword form and I parry the blow, slamming my shield into him and knocking him off balance. As he stumbles away, a crowd starts to gather, many recognizing us from last year's duel and the year before and so on and so forth. Only a few knew something was off as his fantasia weaponwas actually a two sided battle axe, not a transforming bow. I had all of a few seconds to take note of this before having to parry another blow aimed for my head, pushing his sword away and slamming my shield into his chest, knocking him further back. Now, another thing that should have denoted something was wrong was that there was no smack talk from the leader of the Blue Falcons, a favorite thing of his. As he regained his footing, a ball of black energy formed in his hand and was flung in my Sh!t! Rolling to one side, avoiding the ball of dark energy, I counter with a fireball, the ball of flame impacting Pegasus in the chest and sending him flying, the sword-bow flying out of his grip from the sudden impact. Guards arrived quickly after that and contained both a confused Pegasus and the dark fantasia weapon. That was when I noticed the new job on the job board. Reading it over, I can't help but grin. With a parting word to the head guard concering the fight, I set off, kite shield on my back abd gunblade back in its holster.

OOC: For those with a military background, blue falcon should give you a good kick.
IC: It was a good day, a swell day. I had watched that guild leader in battle what was it the "Nox Eterna" a good fight, but that dark fantasia user was nothing but a sweat. Noticing the job on the board it piqued my curiosity greatly. It seemed that guild leader had also found considerable interest in the same job as well. I was a good fighter but being 18 still considered me a newbie. I decided to speak to that guild leader "Hey! nice fight" i say to him. Hopefully if i can tag along than my reputation wouldn't be as crappy.
I look over my shoulder at the guild leader and the newbie. I sigh and keep walking trying to stay ahead of them but still keep my features covered even in this torturous, for me at least, heat.
"Hmmm?" I glance over my shoulder at the green horn and turn around, giving a mock bow. "Thank youu. Too bad Pegasus gave in to temptation. He's a good man."
IC: "uuhhh sure" i say hesitantly, not fully agreeing with his remark. "so i see you've eyed the same quest a lot of travellers have these days"
I chuckle, walking backwards as I talk and watching the cloaked and hooded person struggling to remain ahead of us from the corner of my eye. "Of course! Who wouldn't look at that job with such a beautiful reward?"
IC: I begin eyeing that person too. "hey is it just by chance that person walks exactly ahead of us wherever we go?"
I look over my shoulder again guessing they had selected the same job but not wanting to walk with them. I had no idea how they would react and I honestly didn't want to find out.
I don't look at the person directly and shrug, turning and facing forward as I walk, a hand on my gunblade. "Perhaps. Let's find out." I raised a hand in greeting. "Hey, slow down, good man!"
I grimace and slow down a tiny bit. "I'm not male." I say in my soft and sweet voice.
I chuckle, keeping my pace and soon catching up to the cloaked person. "Well, you can't tell with that hood and cloak on. Name's Thorn. I take it you saw the job with the beautiful reward as well?"
"I like it that way and yes I did." I kept my cloak and hood positioned so they couldn't actually see my body. I couldn't quite decide if I want to tell them my name or not.
"Your choice." I glare down a thief who was eyeing our cloaked friend. "So, are you after that job?"
"Yes though I don't really need the money."
IC: "Thorn lets be honest everyone is after that job. So much that there are a lack of adventurers to meet Fantasiora's needs"
I glance back at the green horn then shrug, nodding to a gate guard as we exit the city. "Fair enough, to both of you, but the planet's government only asks for the best guilds, the top five. Nox Eterna is only number 6. Part of that is the fact we're so skilled, the other is our size. We can't, in all fairness, challenge Eterna Equies in a duel and win. They have over a hundred more members than us. So, we're left doing things behind the scenes."
"I would join but I don't really like groups ..." Especially human groups. I add to myself.
I narrow my eyes slightly as I look towards the cloaked person. "You know, hiding from guards is one thing, but hiding from us is different. Who are you really beneath that cloak?"

OOC: Darkra, you need to go to the PRP.

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