Fantasiora Part 1

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Reaching the outskirts of the city, I drop out of the trees and start towards the gates, deep in thought. a Knightmare...this really could get ugly... reaching the gates, I find them closed with the guards aiming the tips of their halberds at me. "What's going on here?"

OOC: Felt there should be something. Take the reins from here, D.
OOC: Really don't like the feelign that I was just pushed into being a dm for war morph and myself.

IC: "Says we are looking for a merchant.. From the details in this he is a rather plump man." Maya says as the continue to walk to the city.
Zark: "who are you! what is your business here!" the guard growls

Steel: As you reach the city the guards do not allow you inside. "What is your buisness" one says
"Just some adventurers looking for work. We don't plan to be here long."
I say simply.
"I'm Thorn, guild leader of the Nox Eterna. My business, however, is my own."
DM Zark: the guard looks at Thorn curiously "sorry but the guild leader of Nox Eterna just went into the gate imposture!" he says as the halberd is raised even higher

DM War: the halberds are parted letting the group through
Before the halberds get too high, my gunblade levels with one man's head as a finger laced with fire magic levels with the other's head. "Are you really that stupid? The imposter is the one you let in ahead of me. Open the gate, or I'm going over the wall."
Passing through the gates, I turn to Maya;
"Alright, lets go find the merchant that your job mentioned."

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