Fantasiora Part 1

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I grimace. Damn humans always curious ... should I really? "I ... I don't think I really should ..."
"Look, I've been an adventurer a long time, lady. Nothing you have or are can surprise me." My hand was still on my gunblade, but that was because of the area we were in. Monsters and bandits were too common in these woods.
IC: "meh and i'm not really phased by anything of the sort really. I don't judge" i say, completely in a relaxed posture with my head leaning back against my hands
I sigh and hesitate for just a moment. "Fine but if either of you freak out I'm leaving." I reach up my white furred hands coming into view as they grab the hem of my hood and pull it back showing my half human half fox face. It was covered in golden fur with strange teal marks that almost seemed like magic tattoos. My fox like ears rest on the top of my head surrounded by beautiful silky mid back length red hair. "Happy now?"
I nod, my gaze shifting to keep a watch on the trees around us. "Does it really bug you that much, being a Kitsune, that you think all humans are the same?" I shake my head, laughing quietly. "You've a fair amount to learn. Nox Eterna has a couple Kitsune members."
Having left the city behind the group, I watch them from a tree branch, my cloak averting any wandering eyes;
...huh. probably after that treasure... like me of course... but a Kitsune... that's a bit unusual...
Shaking, my head, I continue to watch and follow.
IC: "yes, very" i say smiling extending my hand. "Name's Al, Al Kadoya"
Sorry War, but you said you were moving. Assuming movement produces a shimmer. Will edit if wrong.

IC: Taking a quick glance behind me, I notice a slight shimmer move from one branch to another and spin on the spot, the gunblade out and firing on the branch it had landed on. "Gotcha!"
I sigh. "Sorry I still don't care for groups a lot but perhaps I will join ..." I look at Al but don't shake his hand or give my name in return. "Not going to give my name just yet newbie"
That's not how the cloak works. It makes the wearer seem unimportant and go unnoticed. It doesn't actually make Malek invisible.

That's why I said it doesn't work against the strong minded. It's kinda like a passive jedi mind trick.
IC: i shrug "suite yourself. But i still suggest the 3 of us travel as a group. Some pretty heavy duty guilds are getting involved in this quest. I hear the number one guild the Holy Knights are sending an entire platoon to secure the prize"

OOC: well Zark is a guild leader so you would assume he's pretty strong minded war
Never said that he wasn't. I'm fine with Thorn spotting Malek, it's just that he wasn't invisible.


Transfer char sheet over from the PRP thread to the char list?
I just sigh and shake my head. "Maybe I'll tell you later when we don't have an uninvited guest following us." I say loud enough for the person following us to hear. His 'cloak' was good but not good enough to fool me.
With a sigh, I throw back my cloak and drop to the ground;
...I never did meet a Kitsune that couldn't see through that... should have known...
"I take it you lot are after the treasure, and more importantly, the cash reward?"
I say, my eyes flitting back and forth between the three of them, wary.
"I don't really care about the reward I just like to do the jobs. The money I either return to the person that provides it or give it to charity." I say as I keep walking.
IC: "Well unlike miss robin hood over there yes i am after the cash reward. But like thousands of other adventurers we'll have to earn it"
Not too far ahead of the small gathering a woman walks. Wearing silky violet robes with sunlight glistening off of the threats, and a head much the same. Along the edges of every opening in the robes there is a golden trimming, with vines like designs coming off of them, ending in sharpness. In her hand is a harp and she lightly strokes it, making a quiet but beautiful sound.
IC: a glint of recognition flashes through my face but i quickly disguise it, watching the woman in my peripheral vision, my hand on yin's hilt

OOC: you'll find out why later, i'm using this character to also drive along the story later on
I sigh and flip my hood back up continuing on my way. This was part of why I disliked groups I was having trouble resisting the urge to pull a prank on them.
IC: A shadowy figure moves behind the group trying to stay unseen. The only features anyone could make out was a black cloak closed around the person.

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